GlobeCast and FRANCE 24 to Lead HbbTV Trial With Orange and SES
Date: 21/12/2011

GlobeCast and FRANCE 24 announced today that they will launch a Hybrid Broadband Broadcast Television (HbbTV) trial in early 2012 with the support of Orange and SES. The service, to be offered to satellite viewers of FRANCE 24, initially in Western Europe, will add a layer of interactivity to satellite TV programming by harnessing the capability of connected TVs.

Throughout 2012, participating satellite TV viewers will use their connected televisions to interact with FRANCE 24's linear and non-linear programming via their broadband connection. No additional equipment or hardware will be required. This will demonstrate HbbTV's ability to enhance the quality of DTH users' viewing experience. It will also provide valuable insight into how broadcast offers can combine the power and reliability of traditional broadcast delivery with the new possibilities offered by the latest technical solutions open to ISPs.

GlobeCast will use its broadcast experience and knowledge of connected television to lead this trial. It will also provide ground services and uplink from its Paris technical operations center. The satellite feed will be delivered via one of the ASTRA satellites at 19.2E -- SES' leading orbital position in Western Europe. As a leading Internet Service Provider, Orange will enable content providers to benefit from the latest technical solutions, thereby offering improved quality of service for the end viewer. This service will be developed within the framework of its strategic Smart Networks program.

Frank Melloul, Head of strategy, development and public affairs at FRANCE 24 said "FRANCE 24 is present on five continents, reaching tens of millions of households around the world in three different languages. With this project, we've taken a step towards ensuring that all of these viewers have the same ability to interact with our programming."

Philippe Rouxel, Chief Marketing Officer of GlobeCast said, "We're now finally seeing the convergence of broadcast and the Internet. As a next-generation provider of broadcast services, GlobeCast will remain at the forefront of this movement. In this new connected' world, we are helping our broadcast clients offer an interactive, high-quality experience to their viewers worldwide, regardless of delivery method."

Ferdinand Kayser, Chief Commercial Officer of SES, said "We're happy to participate in this demonstration. We have already seen the successful roll-out of HbbTV in other European markets such as Germany and look forward to the launch of this exciting new service from France. HbbTV is just another example of how satellite technology will continue to provide an enriching experience for viewers around the world."

HbbTV is an industry standard providing an open and business-neutral technology platform that seamlessly combines TV services delivered via broadcast with services delivered via broadband and also enables access to Internet only services for consumers using connected TVs and set-top boxes.

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Submitted by Marguerite Clark (Dundee Hills Group)
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Wimbledon Serves up Ace Video Experiences with Brightcove Posted: 30/06/2015

The years most anticipated tennis tournament is upon us, but even if you cant be there in person, Wimbledons digital strategy is looking to offer the next best thing. To make this happen, Wimbledon is putting video at the centre of its plans.

Tags: Wimbledon | Brightcove | video
Submitted by Sophie Rayers - Brightcove
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Mungo Penfold is the new Hire Manager at Singh and Shout Broadcast Hire Posted: 30/06/2015

Singh and Shout Broadcast Hire are proud to announce the appointment of our new Hire Manager Mungo Penfold starting 30th June 2015 in our Fitrovia office in London W1. Mungo Im really pleased to be joining the company at such an important stage in its development and bringing 20 years experience to a team with an already impressive pedigree¦

Tags: singh hire | singh and shout | hire | broadcast hire
Submitted by Singh and Shout \\\'Broadcast Hire\\\'
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When the worlds best golfers converged on the Chambers Bay golf course in Washington state for the 115th U.S. Open, Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT), a leader in advanced digital microwave systems serving the broadcast, sports, entertainment and law enforcement markets, saw its microLite HD Transmitter soaring high above the green. Mounted on a UAV, the transmitter helped Helivideo Productions provide unprecedented coverage of the championship tournament for FOX Sports.

Tags: microlite | imt | helivideo
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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Sound Devices Highly Anticipated SL-6 Powering and Wireless System Now Shipping Posted: 29/06/2015

Sound Devices, specialists in audio and video products for television, film, and live production, is pleased to announce that the SL-6 powering and wireless system for its 688 mixer/recorder is now shipping. 

Tags: Sound Devices
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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TV2 Fyn goes HD with Kahuna switcher, Maverik control and Sirius 800 router Posted: 29/06/2015

Denmark public broadcaster, TV2 Fyn, has purchased a Snell Kahuna switcher with two of the new Maverik configurable control panels to help drive its move into HD news production. Snells unique Kahuna Make M/E technology enables a single mainframe to support two independent studio operations, with both studios benefiting from full 2M/E production power, including super-keyers, eKeys and 3D DVEs, via Maverik control. The system also integrates a Sirius 800 router with built-in Advanced Hybrid Processing on every input and output, eliminating the need for external signal processing devices. The systems were supplied through AVIT-Systems, Snells partner in Denmark.

Tags: Snell | Quantel | Kahuna Maverik | Production Switcher | Broadcast | broadcaster | TV2 Fyn | AVIT-Systems | 4K | HD
Submitted by Quantel
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At IBC 2wcom Will Focus On Its Integrated Solution For Highly-Efficient Audio Distribution Posted: 29/06/2015

2015 IBC Show


Booth 8.E78

At IBC we are focusing attention on 2wcoms integrated solution for highly-efficient modern audio distribution. The MM01 and FlexDSR products are the building blocks of a system that delivers outstanding quality and incredible flexibility in any kind of audio contribution application.

Tags: 2wcom | IBC | AoIP | Audio | Distribution
Submitted by XPresso Communications
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Vimond and iflix Establish Joint Development Centre in Kuala Lumpur Posted: 29/06/2015

Vimond Media Solutions and iflix, Southeast Asias leading Internet TV service, are to establish a jointly-operated development centre in Kuala Lumpur to create innovations in OTT TV and break new ground in the way consumers watch television in a mobile-first environment.iflix has installed the Vimond Platform to power its range of OTT services across the Southeast Asian region, reaching audiences in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, with a potential market of half a billion people.

Tags: Vimond | iflix | Asia | OTT | subtitling | multilingual | Platform | Chinese | Thai
Submitted by XPresso Communications
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The kids are all right: How the Clangers are changing the future of childrens TV consumption Posted: 29/06/2015

Since the very first episode of the Clangers in 1969, we have seen a rapid evolution in the way we consume TV. Starting with the introduction of digital in the 1990s before swiftly moving onto HD/UHD, and now the Internet is having a game-changing effect on the way we watch the box. In fact, even the box has morphed into numerous shapes, sizes and smart devices.

Tags: VOD | Video on demand
Submitted by Sophie Rayers - Brightcove
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Acebil launches in Europe, with exclusive distribution by Ianiro International Posted: 29/06/2015
New camera support manufacturer Acebil is launching its range of tripods, pedestals, jibs and sliders into Europe through an exclusive distribution agreement with Ianiro International.
Tags: tripod | ianiro | acebil | slider
Submitted by Seth Net
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Wherever You Are Going, Make Sure You Take SADiE Posted: 29/06/2015

An hour-long radio documentary entitled Where Are You Going? has earned reporter and presenter Catherine Carr a Gold Award at the 2015 New York Festivals World's Best Radio Programs Gala Awards ceremony, which took place recently in New York.

Tags: Prism Sound | SADiE | Catherine Carr | SADiE 6 Software | New York Festival | Gold Award | Where Are You Going? Loftus Media | BBC World Service
Submitted by White Noise Public Relations Ltd
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DPA Microphones Help Capture the Sound on Mad Max: Fury Road Posted: 29/06/2015
After a wait of 30 years, Mad Max fans are revelling in the release of Mad Max: Fury Road, the fourth in this exceptionally successful action adventure film series. Already garnering high praise from critics, Mad Max: Fury Road was filmed on location in Namibia and Sydney and directed, produced and co-written by George Miller. It stars a host of internationally famous actors including Tom Hardy (who takes over the title role from Mel Gibson), Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. 
Tags: DPA Microphones | D:screet Miniature Microphones | Mad Max: Fury Road | Tom Hardy | Charlize Theron | Nicholas Hoult | Rosie Huntington-Whiteley | George Miller | Ben Osmo
Submitted by White Noise Public Relations Ltd
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TNDV Transitions Miss Tennessee Pageant to HD Posted: 26/06/2015

While the transition to HD is a significant step forward production-wise, Dugger also proudly celebrates his 25th year associated with the pageant. His relationship with the Miss Tennessee Pageant dates to his middle school years, and was instrumental in the broadcast and production education that led to the formation of TNDV, now an internationally recognized mobile production company with seven production trucks and multiple HD and 4K flypacks. And with the pageants long-time truck in the process of an HD upgrade, TNDVs contribution to this years event, which took place in the Carl Perkins Center, proved exceedingly valuable to the overall production.

Tags: TNDV | tennessee | HD | miss tennessee pageant | production | elevation | live production | live events | mobile production | post-production | video production | audio | 4K
Submitted by Dimension PR
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Al Jazeera Upgrades Media Network With Seven Calrec Apollo Consoles to Create Largest Hydra2 Network in the Middle East Posted: 25/06/2015
 In a move to upgrade and standardize its global operations, Al Jazeera Media Network has purchased seven Apollo digital audio consoles from Calrec Audio for its broadcast facility in Doha, Qatar. 
Tags: Calrec | Al Jazeera | Apollo Console
Submitted by Dundee Hills Group
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JSTV Puts Riedel Communications and Signal Transport Solution in Chinas First 4K OB Truck Posted: 25/06/2015
In building China's first 4K OB truck, Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (JSTV) and systems integrator New Digital Technology Holdings (NDT) chose Riedel Communications' Artist digital matrix intercom, MediorNet Compact Pro media network, and RockNet digital audio network to support clear, versatile communications and to enable straightforward fiber interconnection and signal exchange among production units.
Tags: JSTV | Riedel | China 4K OB Truck
Submitted by Dundee Hills Group
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SMPTE(R) Australia Conference and amp; Exhibition (SMPTE15) to Embrace Theme Persistence of Vision -- Defining the Future Posted: 25/06/2015

The Australia Section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers(R) (SMPTE(R)), a leader in motion-imaging standards and education for the communications, media, entertainment, and technology industries, today announced details for the SMPTE Australia Conference & Exhibition (SMPTE15), which will be held 14-17 July in Sydney. The conference theme, "Persistence of Vision -- Defining the Future," gives a nod to the optical illusion that makes motion imaging possible and reinforces the ongoing devotion of SMPTE to the critical tasks of standards development and education for the motion-imaging industry.

Tags: SMPTE2015 | SMPTE Australia
Submitted by Dundee Hills Group
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