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Flying tails - No image

Flying tails

Flying tails

Price: £11.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 274 times
Date Expires: 12/02/2019
Item ID: 179982

Flying tails

Flying tails

Adapts audio multiway 26 pin connector to 8 XLR.


  • Case weights and dimensions

1 Kgs


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Digital Sputnik is reaching for the sky

Digital Sputnik is launching a drone mountable DS LED Heli System at NAB 2014. In a co-operation with Intuitive Aerial, using their Black Armored Drone, the DS LED System offers unparalleled output and flexibility in aerial lighting.
This is the first time a small drone is able to carry a lightweight light output equivalent of 1.5kW HMI. This breakthrough creates a new world of possibilities in creative, mobile and flexible lighting for film and television. The system is controllable over WiFi using an iOS app.

Tags: Digital Sputnik ,flying light ,drone mountable light system ,DS LED heli system ,Intuitive Aerial ,Black Armored Drone ,DS LED System ,aerial lighting ,HMI ,WiFi ,iOS app ,Kaur Kallas ,Kaspar Kallas ,Mursik Frames ,NAB 2014 ,Las Vegas ,Estonia ,NAB 2014
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Robe Flies On the Millions in Israel Posted: 28/08/2012
Robe Flies On the Millions in Israel

Robe continues to be a popular choice of moving light for the leading Israeli TV shows, and especially with one of the countrys top lighting designers Ofer Jacobi who specifies Robe constantly for his busy schedule of productions.

This recently includes the popular Fly On The Millions quiz show, recorded in Studio 4 of GG Studios, Neverelan, Jerusalem, the countrys main TV production facility. This show is in its third series and will soon be rolled out in the US via NBC and also in Europe.

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New flying camera system Eaglecam introduced in the Netherlands Posted: 24/08/2012
New flying camera system Eaglecam introduced in the Netherlands

With the use of Eaglecam for the live broadcast of the recent Dutch Premier League soccer match between Ajax and AZ in the Amsterdam Arena, this brand new cablecam system from the Netherlands is officially introduced. The Eaglecam by Film Dynamics and Toprek Rigging is a 3D cablecam system that offers unique possibilities for registration of events, TV and film.

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Montreal Facilities Collaborate on Source Code Posted: 27/01/2012
Montreal Facilities Collaborate on Source Code

When visual effects supervisor Louis Morin and VFX producer Annie Godin were nominated for a VES Award for their work on Duncan Jones Source Code, the Montreal-based facilities involved in the film had reason to celebrate as well. Under the guidance of Morin, the VFX facilities each took on different parts of the project, sharing assets and coordinating deliveries on the film. The result was both a visually stunning film and proof that the Montreal film industry can compete with the best on the world stage.

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FOR-A Presents Prism SYSTEM At NAB 2010 Posted: 16/03/2010
FOR-A Presents Prism SYSTEM At NAB 2010 FOR-A  will introduce Prism System - on-the-fly, multiple-output video clipping software - at the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nev., April 12-15 (Booth C5219). With its built-in encoder, clipping, and trans-coding tools, Prism provides a complete video content repurposing solution for Web and mobile TV distribution.
"These days, broadcasters are producing video content for more than just over-the-air television transmission. They need to repurpose their content assets for distribution on the Web and beyond. Prism will allow broadcasters to increase their station content revenues, while keeping the production costs low," said Hiro Tanoue, president, FOR-A Corporation of America. "Our revolutionary Prism System software processes on the fly while recording video. It's an incredibly easy way to prep footage for distribution via multiple outlets."
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GTC takes to the air March 27 Posted: 25/02/2010
GTC takes to the air March 27 A workshop on Helicopter Shooting and Safety will be held by the Guild of Television Cameramen on Saturday March 27 at Denham Aerodrome, west London. The event will be hosted by broadcaster Mike Smith, founder and Managing Director of Flying TV which owns and operates the only freelance ready-to-go fleet of television helicopters in Europe. Mike will explain the principles of flight and safety, and will cover everything cameramen need to know about working in the air with gyro-mounted and hand-held cameras.
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HD PORTABLE FLY PACK SYSTEM AT NAB 2010 Posted: 25/02/2010
HD PORTABLE FLY PACK SYSTEM AT NAB 2010 Bexel, a unit of the Vitec Group's Services Division, and a pre-eminent worldwide provider of broadcast services and solutions, will feature its Hercules HD Fly Pack System at NAB 2010 (Booth C6419). 

Designed to meet the demand for HD production facilities in often hard-to-access production spaces for sports, entertainment and reality TV, Hercules offers real production power along with complete adaptability.
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Submitted by TV-Bay
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