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HJ14EX4 3B IASE (Used) - Image #1
HJ14EX4 3B IASE (Used) - Image #2

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HJ14EX4 3B IASE (Used)

HJ14EX4.3B IASE (Used)

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Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
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Date Expires: 02/07/2020
Item ID: 209793

HJ14EX4.3B IASE (Used)

HJ14EX4 3B IASE (Used)

HJ14EX4.3B IASE (Used)

The following applies to a new product and may differ to the used item you are viewing, especially regarding included accessories (see above for used details which may differ). Please contact us at for more information.
HD New Super Wide angle lens w/2x ext, focus motor & e-digital drive unit w/encoder

Canon HJ14ex4.3B IRSE / IASE

Wide angle with superb optical performance and handling

The HJ14ex4.3B IRSE / IASE is the widest portable HDTV lens by Canon and surpasses it¿s long acclaimed predecessor the HJ11ex4.7 in creative options.

Power Optics ¿ superb imagery with latest optical design
Focal range of 4.3mm to 60mm (120mm with extender)
Crossover Technology Option ¿ switchable between 16:9 and 4:3
Enhanced Digital Drive technology
Compact, robust ergonomic design

Wide angle portable ENG/EFP lens

The short 4.3mm focal length provides a 96.3 degree horizontal angle of view for the 16:9 HD image format. Combined with a focal range that has been extended to now cover a range from 4.3mm to 60mm (and 120mm with extender) this lens offers unsurpassed operational capabilities in a compact package of 1.99kg. The maximum relative aperture is F1.8. Additionally, focus breathing has been significantly reduced over its predecessor the HJ11ex4.7B.Minimization of monochromatic and chromatic aberrations and further maximization of image contrast combine with improved MTF. The relative light distribution over the mid-to-long focal lengths with better uniformity of brightness across the image plane also provides the higher contrast. These combinations ultimately produce vividly clear and superb sharp HD pictures.
Optical Technologies

Newly developed high index optical glass materials and the Aspheric Lens Elements allow improved control over chromatic aberrations and geometric distortion especially at the very wide angle settings. Canon¿s three-part Internal Focus innovation reduces changes in aberrations when focusing to different object distances while also exercising tight control over any tendency for focus breathing.
Digital Technologies

New Enhanced Digital Drive technology provides precision microcomputer control of the three servo systems for zoom, iris and focus while also facilitating new developments in lens-camera correction of lateral chromatic aberration.Dynamic Zoom Speed Range can be adjusted from 0.5 seconds to 5 minutes (from wide to telephoto extremes).
Optomechanical Technologies

Computer simulation of the optomechanical design allowed examination of optimized anti-reflection internal barrel coatings, and structural techniques (light blocking grooves and knife edges) that produced greater control over harmful light reflections within the lens barrel that can be stimulated by strong light sources
Ecological Design

All contemporary Canon lenses avoid the use of materials and substances potentially harmful to the environment. Lead has been removed from all optics and other identified substances from all components comprising the composite lens system.


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