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2x available.  ams NEVE LOGIC 3 - No image

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2x available. ams NEVE LOGIC 3

digital audio 32 channel sound mixer with SC32 spectra audiofile units

Price: £200.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
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Date Expires: 12/04/2011
Item ID: 117173

digital audio 32 channel sound mixer with SC32 spectra audiofile units

2x available. ams NEVE LOGIC 3

GOTO for more details and high resolution photos and option to buy online thorugh our website (Credit cards etc accepted also)

NOTE items below are NOW sold

We have asking price on these but may consider offers close to this.

Are available now from the UK.   VAT to be added for UK sales and EU sales if buyer does not have VAT number.


NOTE  EVERY channel in the mixer has  Full four-band parametric EQ, two-stage filters, compressors, limiters and expander/gates are provided on every signal path.

GOTO below website for a review on the mixer.

NOTE:- this mixer is still supported by ams neve so buyer can get support packages from ams neve and if they they can even get an ams neve engineer to even install and setup mixer etc if buyer needs this if you wanted .

mixer will come with documentation etc so buyer proabably not need this anyway but is always handy to have the option above if you need it in the future.

This is a world class ams neve sound mixer remember Logic 3 is designed with assignable faders to keep its compact size so ideal for dubbing, edit suite mixers, sound mixing in compact area s(obvans) etc etc

(once you start to use, it it is very easy, just touch the arrow which realtes to the channel on the lcd screen and touch the buton on the specific fader and instantly that channel is now setup on that fader. you can have memory recalls of faders channels for quick recall etc. All fader channels are viewable on the LCD screen for monitoring them etc. .

LCD sccreen shows faders and volumes for each channel etc (Approx 24 channels on lcd are shown on 1 page. all values for compressor, or balance or channel setups are adjusted with the pots and led diaplas at top of mixer of course for full adjustment to each channel input, output etc.

FADERS in mixer are touch sensitive also. Canbe setup so when you touch fader, sound is cut instantly from that channel while fader is touched for example etc


full automation is available on mixer of course and also changeable fader assignable options on automation. plus also FULL automation of all other options on each fader also (not just faders are recorded, all other values etc in the mixer can be recorded also during the automation for each channle.


This is where th spectra audiofile comes into play as was designed to work with logic mixers, it can record the automation setup also, edit automation setup


record sound also for the project so not only just record the automation of the mixer but record the ACTUAL sound also upto 48000 24bit quality (can be recorded in less quality to maxiise storage space) spextra lso can   do track laying, sound editing, project setups etc etc. To much info to list.

Audiofile is consider one of the best for sound editing and scrubbing (sound enginners say it is like editing analog sound again. This is why the audiofile is still intergrated with new new mixers. It is one of the best out there

We are selling a AMS/NEVE Digital audio Logic 3 Mixer.Complete and working.The following items are incldued in this auction:-

AMS/NEVE Logic 3 Control panel.Mainframe crate,Studio controller computer.The mixer is 24bit audio.The mixer has upto 32 channels.

on spectra when connected to the logic mixer,  , says mixer is curretnly user setup for 29 channels input (Stereo fo rmost inputs and mono for other input channels)   6 groups, stereo output, compressor limiter options, aux outputs and more so not sure if this is exact spec.

logic mainframe has  ADC (anaog to digital)  and DAC (digital to analog)  converters for input and output channels   and AES options also   for even more input and output options available for extra setups also.

NOTE the logic 3 contorl panel has the option of using the extra 4 fader box if you want so you have 8 faders if you want, either joined up beside main mixer or used away from mixer also if you want.

is full digital audio mixer.  Has automation faders if you want also. NOTE faders also are touch sensitive if you wan t(just touch the fader and sound is cut from that channel etc)

contorl of the automation is simple (read wand write buttons) on each fader section etc

The main heart of the logic mixer is the high definition LCD screen, this has all the chanenls etc on it.  you can assign any channel to individual faders. (this is why there is only 4 or 8 faders in the mixer even though mixer is upto 32 channel.  You assign the channel you want to each faders (Whether input channels, groups, aux, main output etc.  Assignable of channels to fader is done by touch of bottom (select channel on the lcd with the arrow button and click the button on the fader channel and instantly that channel is now setup for that fader

Very compact mixer which is ideal for dubbing, small edit suites or small studios or obvans etc.

 Is analog and AES of course.

has built in compressor / limiters and much more.

.In working order.

The Spectra audio file has 2 crates and control panel.The Spectra audio recorder and editor (also controls automation of mixer if you want)   has 16inputs and 24 outputs. Is SC24 version.   It is uswer selectable for recoridng quality from 8 - 24bit stereo audio aswell.

We ccan supply SC32 version of spectra if buyer wants also (ASK if you need this)

has 2 Cheetah hard disks

Spectra is considered the best audio editor around hence why is integrated into new audio mixer setups also still to this day as is very powerful and does everything user needs including audio scrubbing, editing etc etc

spectra also does the recording of the automation setup and also sound if you want. so you can record your whole project on the spectra audiofile with also sound being recording and then play it back and mixer will be automated (unless you want ot add in editing etC)

all recordings can be edited, saved as projects of course etc

you can record everything from sound, fader movement,s each channel setups during the recording etc or just choose to record a specific item you want etc.

The spectra audiofile was designed to work with the logic mixers so it is a great setup.

Both systems come with connecting cables between frames of course and manuals.Check the photos to see working.

Some maunals also are included for setting up cables. and pin outs of cables etc.

Audio file also has extra software on it for editing also within windows also.


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