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DSR-1500AP DSR-1500AP - No image

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DSR-1500AP DSR-1500AP

DSR-1500AP DSR-1500AP

Price: £4.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: New
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Date Expires: 01/03/2011
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DSR-1500AP DSR-1500AP

DSR-1500AP DSR-1500AP

DSR-1500AP DVCAM Compact Editing Recorder - Master Series

The go-anywhere, do-anything digital videocassette recorder.

Because a quick turnaround is essential in professional video production, it's important to ensure your editing equipment won't slow you down. The new DSR-1500AP DVCAM Editing Recorder from Sony offers a host of professional features and built-in flexibility.

Various optional interface boards let you configure the DSR-1500AP to suit a range of video applications, from simple playback to high-quality source feeding for linear or non-linear editing. Its space-saving, half-rack design makes it ideal for installation in OB vehicles and in desktop editing systems.

Play back compatible with DV formats, the DSR-1500AP also ensures an easy migration path to more sophisticated systems.
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