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Flashlink Flashlink

Flashlink Flashlink

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Flashlink Flashlink

Flashlink Flashlink

Signal transport, processing and distribution

Since its introduction to the broadcast market in 1999, our Flashlink range has gained a very high reputation for power and reliability and has become the industry leader for signal processing and optical distribution. The fundamental design philosophy of the Flashlink product range is to provide advanced technology thats easy to use and meets real world signal processing and video distribution requirements. The modular Flashlink product range features ultra low power consumption and extensive control capabilities, with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support for all modules as standard. With numerous prestigious awards and an impressive installed base of products, Flashlinks track record speaks for itself.

Meeting the needs of demanding customers

The Flashlink product range is designed to solve the most mission critical signal transport applications in demanding broadcast and video distribution environments.

The modular systems functionality is based on feedback from customers across the globe as well as in-house knowledge of where the industrys heading.

Flashlink enclosure versatility

The comprehensive and flexible modular product range can be fitted in three different enclosures, to meet all operators housing requirements, from remote locations, OB vans to studio facilities and network operators:

Stand-alone Flashlink Micro Series
N-BOX single module frame
Rack mount, studio facilities, OB vans Flashlink FR-2RU 19 frame for up to 10 modules and dual power supply
Mobile use, outside broadcast, events
MOT-BOX, lightweight rugged housing for Flashlink FR-2RU frame

Flashlink Micro

Flashlink Micro is a comprehensive line of standalone products based on the popular N-BOX enclosure. Flashlink Micro offers the highest quality and flexibility available for standalone products in the marketplace and delivers this at a competitive price.

Different enclosures same modules

The same Flashlink modules can be used in all three enclosure types, making the Flashlink the most flexible system on the market. Flashlink can easily be built and extended according to changing customer needs.

Stand-alone products

Stand-alone products in the Flashlink range include the cost-effective Flashlink Compact 1RU 19 distribution amplifiers and the award-winning 1RU 19 SDI to IP and ASI to IP gateways for video transport over existing IP infrastructure.

Signal formats supported by Flashlink ¦

¢ Uncompressed SD-SDI/HD-SDI
¢ Analogue audio and video
¢ AES and MADI
¢ E4, STM1-16, OC3-48
¢ DVB-ASI, M2S (Divicom), SMPTE 310M, SDTI
¢ RS-422, GPI/GPO
¢ 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
¢ Fibre Channel
¢ Analogue L-band signals

Flashlink functionality includes ¦

¢ SDI and AES embedding/de-embedding with analogue signal support
¢ SD-SDI and HD-SDI 2x1 changeover modules
¢ Distribution amplifiers - all flavours
¢ Electrical to Optical and Optical to Electrical mediaconversion
¢ Fibre optical signal distribution and automatic protection switching
¢ Optical multiplexing, WDM, CWDM and DWDM
¢ 3R-regeneration of optical signals with wavelength scheme swapping
¢ Electrical multiplexing, TDM
¢ AES to analogue audio and analogue audio to AES conversion
¢ SDI to NTSC/PAL encoding, 10-bit and 8-bit version
¢ NTS C/PAL to SDI decoding
¢ Line and frame synchronisation
¢ System Controller with web and SNMP support

The worlds most compact 16-channel CWDM system

The Flashlink range also includes the worlds most compact 16-channel CWDM system: only 2RU fully populated with dual SD-SDI or HD-SDI modules. This extraordinary packing density saves precious rack space.

Widely deployed DWDM system

Flashlinks DWDM system has been deployed worldwide since year 2000, and with up to 80 ITU wavelengths per fibre this is the preferred solution when access to fibre is limited. With the possibility for each wavelength to carry 4 time division multiplexed uncompressed SDI signals, its possible to carry a total of 320 uncompressed SDI signals on a single strand of fibre.


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