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Vector 750 pan and tilt head - No image

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Vector 750 pan and tilt head

Vector 750 pan and tilt head

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Vector 750 pan and tilt head

Vector 750 pan and tilt head

With the Vector 750, Vinten has taken the functionality and durability of the acclaimed Vector 700 Standard and H version and incorporated them into one versatile new product.

The Vector 750 features a centre of gravity range span of 8 to 25cm/ 3.1 to 9.8. This covers the full centre of gravity of both the Vector 700 models, creating a broad range of product capability and making product selection much easier. In addition the Vector 750 has a maximum payload of 75 kg/ 165.3lbs, allowing a greater use of camera accessories such as talent monitors and spotlights. A monitor bracket is available as an optional accessory. The inclusion of some additional robust internal components makes the Vector 750 even more durable.

Like the acclaimed Vector 700, the Vector 750 uses a unique counterbalance mechanism that does not use springs or cams. Instead a system of mechanical linkages balances cameras with various centres of gravity points, making adjustment simple and eliminating the need for time consuming cam changes when altering the camera configuration.

The Vector 750 retains all of the excellent, proven operational features of the Vector 700 including smooth operation in both pan and tilt movements with infinite adjustability for both the Perfect Balance and TF drag system. This ensures high levels of control and exceptionally smooth movement in any situation.

- Wide centre of gravity range

- 75 kg maximum payload

- Higher output drag modules provide excellent control for heavier payloads

- Optional side mounted monitor bracket

- Extensive operating temperature range from -40°C to +60°C

Model No: V4034-0001

Height: 25.5cm/ 10

Length: 35.5cm/ 14

Width: 35cm/ 13.5

Weight: 17.9kg/ 39.5lbs

Max. Capacity: 75kg/ 165.3lbs

Tilt Range: ±52° @ 75kg/ 165.3lbs

Platform Adjustment: 33cm/ 13

Pan bar: Single telescopic

Camera fixing: Wedge adaptor

Levelling bubble: Illuminated

Base Fixing: 4-bolt flat with QuickFit groove

Colour: Black


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