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Ventura Ventura

Ventura Ventura

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Ventura Ventura

Ventura Ventura


- Highly flexible and scalable modules
- NEBS-3 certified for reliability
- Visually lossless JPEG 2000 compression
- Mapping to IP, SONET/SDH and fiber overlay
- Optical and time division multiplexing

Versatile solutions

The Ventura line of modular signal transport solutions is designed with carrier-class specifications and features in mind. Whether it is dark fiber transport, telco interfacing to SONET/SDH or IP with or without signal multiplexing, the Ventura platform fulfils todays and future signal transport needs. The NEBS-compliant Ventura platform can transport analog or digital video with associated audio as well as data in a variety of formats, thus providing probably the most versatile products for high quality content delivery. JPEG 2000 and MPEG2 compression schemes enable video transport over a wide range of network interfaces and bit rates.

Flexible networks

Ventura products provide conversion and transport solutions for non-compressed analog and digital optical signals, mostly in the metro area network environment. The extensive selection of Ventura cards and space-efficient Ventura chassis enable customers to create flexible networksnetworks that support a wide variety of formats, recover nimbly from signal interruptions and provide a long-lasting return on investment.

Adaptable capabilities

The Ventura line supports all video formats, as well as Ethernet, RS422, DS3 and 155Mbps signals. The VS103 3RU, 10-slot chassis and the VS101 1RU, 3-slot chassis can each run on AC or DC power, are compatible with all Ventura cards, and meet the stringent requirements of NEBS Level3 compliance. Ventura cards are hot-swappable, and in many instances are field-configurable, using SFP modules to support CWDM, DWDM and 1310/1550 transport. Ventura equipment protects signal integrity with integrated HD jitter attenuation, sub-millisecond recovery from signal interruptions and a self-configuring browser-based management system.

Nevion is extending the Ventura line with the introduction of new modules developed to facilitate the compression, transmission and economical transport of HD signals. The new modules, including a JPEG 2000 encoder and decoder, an 8-channel SONET/SDH multiplexer and de-multiplexer, and a universal analog digital video/audio adapter for fiber optic transport, provide Ventura customers with greater ability to meet the challenges of transporting high definition signals and managing diverse legacy and emerging signal formats. The compression and long distance interfaces extend the reach of the Ventura line, and the universal conversion capability enables customers to adapt to evolving regulatory requirements in metropolitan networking.

Key features
  • Metropolitan area and long distance networking
  • SONET/SDH and IP network interfaces and multiplexers
  • JPEG 2000 and MPEG-2 encoders and decoders
  • Optical multiplexing; CWDM and DWDM
  • Carrier-class specifications and features (NEBS)

PLUS Series

Point-to-point fiber optic transport solutions


TV-C PLUS encoders and decoders perform high quality MPEG2 compression of SDI or composite video as well as analog or digital audio. TV-C PLUS comes with a variety of interfaces for SDH/PDH, IP and DVB-ASI networks. The intuitive graphical user interface of the TV-C PLUS software shortens setup time and eases operation.

Focus Element Management Simplified deployment

The Focus product line supports sophisticated signal integrity analysis and trouble-shooting of transport equipmentwhether the equipment is from Nevion or another vendor. Focus products combine attractive value and space efficiency with the convenience of a Web-based interface. In addition to monitoring and providing automated alerts for DVB-ASI, SDI, SDTI and associated audio signals, these element management products provide tools to simplify deployment of a standard template of chassis and cards to multiple remote locations.

Cost efficient

Nevion's element testing and management solutions offer high visibility and powerful troubleshooting tools at an extremely low cost per channel. Every level of ETR 101 290 reporting for up to sixteen channels can be made available from a 1RU monitoring system. Nevion network management products are designed to achieve a maximal result with a minimal cost of ownership.

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