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VikinX VikinX

VikinX VikinX

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VikinX VikinX

VikinX VikinX

VikinX Sublime

The VikinX Sublime range provides the perfect solution when advanced routing is required yet space is limited. VikinX Sublime offers the broadcast market the most extensive range of matrix sizes available (8x8 to 64x64 and 128x2) and covers signal formats from analog video/audio to HDTV, including 1080p 3Gbps Single Link HD.

In addition, VikinX Sublime provides many of the powerful control features that has made the VikinX Modular range such a success. VikinX Sublime offers flexible routing solutions for general purpose facilities and on-air routing as well as mobile outside broadcast applications and sophisticated A/V applications.

VikinX Modular

VikinX Modular, is a range of powerful routing products that has been designed and built with flexibility, reliability and affordability as the most important design criteria. The reliability of the router, due to fully redundant control architecture and extremely low power consumption, has made VikinX Modular the router of choice for mission critical applications.

Unmatched flexibility

The unmatched flexibility of the VikinX Modular control system, offering control features far beyond other comparable routing systems, has also been hugely important for broadcast professionals. As the industrys only system available with full TCP/IP connectivity, VikinX Modular minimizes the cost of installation and maximizes flexibility.

Reliability has been increased through simplicity of design and the implementation of easy to operate user interfaces, to keep operational expenses as low as possible, resulting in lowered cost of ownership. The latest addition to the range is the 256x256 HD VikinX Modular, extending the range of frame sizes and signal formats covered.

VikinX Compact

Since the introduction in 1996 of the VikinX compact routers, our philosophy of simplicity, reliability and affordability has enabled the Compact series to become one of the worlds most deployed ranges of routing switchers.

At launch, the Compact range revolutionized the footprint required for broadcast quality switching solutions.. Today, configurations ranging from 8x4 to 64x64, address every application from broadcast to corporate and post-production.

Simplicity Rules

Nevion Europes applies the simplicity rules concept throughout the company including its software tools, which are developed to eliminate the obstacles installers and operators face when setting-up and configuring complex routing solutions.

One of the latest ways in which weve maximized ease-of-use software is the VikinX System Configurator, which uses wizards and convenient drag & drop menus to guide the operator through the installation process. Together with Nevion Europes proven routing hardware, the control system and all its control panel options and software features provides the most comprehensive and reliable routing switcher products available today.


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