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PRO-X SP-2LJ / GP-H56S / GP-TS - Image #1
PRO-X SP-2LJ / GP-H56S / GP-TS - Image #2
PRO-X SP-2LJ / GP-H56S / GP-TS - Image #3
PRO-X SP-2LJ / GP-H56S / GP-TS - Image #4
PRO-X SP-2LJ / GP-H56S / GP-TS - Image #5
PRO-X SP-2LJ / GP-H56S / GP-TS - Image #6


Ex-demo accessories from PRO-X

Price: Contact us
Location: France
Condition: Ex-demo
Viewed: 627 times
Date Expires: 19/02/2018
Item ID: 177471

Ex-demo accessories from PRO-X


2 ways travel BP Charger , model: SP-2LJ

GP-TS support / adapter for 2 batteries BP

Led Camera Light GP-H56S

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PAG will launch its new accessories for the PAGlink Gold Mount System of compact, lightweight, intelligent linking batteries at NAB 2017. Each of these new accessories is compatible with both the PL94 and PL150 battery models. The new accessories will be exhibited by PAG America, a division of the Carr Distribution Group on booth #C9518.

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SmallHD announces its first OLED monitor, the 702-OLED. The 7.7-inch screen combines the renowned color accuracy and contrast ratio of an OLED display, with the feature set of the industry standard SmallHD 702-Bright so that it is ideal on camera or on a directors rig. Able to produce wide color gamut color accuracy, it is an effective tool for DITs and directors on-set use.

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Alphatron, MTF, Wooden Camera, Vocas and Zacuto to Support CION Camera
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When the non-profit organization Filmmaker For A Cause recently embarked on an European excursion to shoot documentaries that would help raise awareness for an array of European charities, Miller Camera Support Equipment, a leader in the production of innovating camera support solutions, was along for this leg of the tour. To assist in the creation of these films, Miller donated its exemplary Arrow 55 Sprinter II 2-Stage Carbon Fibre System, Arrow Accessory Mounting Bracket and Adaptor, as well as its MINI Tripod, to help Filmmaker For A Cause bring its visions to life.

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The Steadicam division of The Tiffen Company, a leading manufacturer of award-winning digital imaging accessories, has released a new Steadicam Smoothee mount for Drift action cameras, expanding its collection of stabilizer options for filming enthusiasts and professionals. The Steadicam Smoothee, which is featured in the new Apple Powerful commercial, lets users capture the action using Drift cameras, without the shakes normally associated with hand-held video. The Steadicam Smoothee is helping shape a new generation of filmmakers, comments Steve Tiffen, CEO and President, The Tiffen Company. Cameras like the Drift offer a new level of versatility we once could have never even imagined. Combine that with the Hollywood ingenuity of Steadicam, and you enable a new class of filmmakers to capture their unique visions with clarity and quality. This latest addition to the Smoothee line continues to change the game for whats possible in the world of small-camera filmmaking.

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