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XLR Audio cable - Image #1

XLR Audio cable

XLR Audio cable

Price: POA
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: New
Viewed: 300 times
Date Expires: 28/03/2021
Item ID: 204136

XLR Audio cable

XLR Audio cable

Screened balanced star quad audio cable.

Available in lengths of 2m, 10m, and 25m.

Rates from £3 to £6.

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DHD Announces New Addition to Management Team Posted: 20/03/2020
DHD Announces New Addition to Management Team

DHD Audio GmbH, a leading manufacturer of professional mixers and audio devices, announces a new addition to its management team. Anne Philipp is promoted to General Manager, reporting to Managing Directors Joerg M. Deubner and Sven Hoffmann.

Graduating in 2006 with a Business Administration degree from the University of Leipzig, Anne Philipp joined DHD in January 2007 as an executive assistant responsible for materials procurement and accounting. She later also took on production planning. In 2010 she left to work on public tender preparation for a municipal organisation, returning to DHD in 2016. Since then she has resumed her former roles within the company as well as supervising DHD's human resources.

"Anne Phillip is a highly efficient and effective administrator who has proved her management skills within DHD over many years," Joerg Deubner comments. "Sven and I are still deeply involved in hardware and software development so fully appreciate having a colleague of her competence in charge of general company operations."




Tags: digital audio studio equipment ,digital audio systems ,digital audio mixers ,broadcast control room systems ,DJ-operated radio studio systems ,OB truck audio systems ,audio routing and talkback matrices ,audio-over-IP interfaces
Submitted by Stylus Media Communications
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NUGENs Surround Mix is Essential to Audio Post-Production for Todays Evolving Media Posted: 25/03/2020
NUGENs Surround Mix is Essential to Audio Post-Production for Todays Evolving Media

NUGEN Audio’s Surround Suite offers a complete set of tools forupmixing, downmixing and multi-channel sound reshaping for the production market. Featuring the company’s Halo Downmix, Halo Upmix, ISL True Peak limiter and SEQ-S match and morph EQ software, NUGEN’s Surround Suite is perfect for both movie and television productions.

“We take pride in tailoring our products to the specific needs of audio professionals working in TV and film, enabling them to accomplish their full creative vision in a time- and results-oriented manner,” says Paul Tapper, CEO, NUGEN Audio. “Surround Suite delivers all the control necessary to define, enhance and fine-tune a surround mix. As a result, it gives users access to precise and tweakable downmixing (Halo Downmix) and coherent and natural upmixing, from stereo to 5.1 and 7.1 (Halo Upmix). They can also take advantage of the suite’s True Peak limiting (ISL) and linear phase EQ (SEQ-S).”

NUGEN’s Surround Suite offers full access to surround balances, clear visual feedback and individual surround channel access. The toolkit also allows users to regulate low frequency content and fine-tune surround mixes, without the possibility of phase warping.

Included among the NUGEN Surround Suite is Halo Downmix, which complements any post-production workflow. Using precise surround control, mix monitoring and versatile downmix balancing, Downmix helps to accelerate productivity on surround mixes. Typically considered the final piece of a production workflow, Halo Downmix allows users to easily deliver projects in both stereo and surround formats without compromise.

Somewhat of a ‘parent’ software to Downmix, NUGEN’s Halo Upmix is also included in the Surround Suite. With unique center-channel management and switchable dialog extraction, Upmix is perfect for everything from archive restoration and TV, through 7.1 feature films. With surround delivery requirement becoming increasingly common, Halo Upmix offers an indispensable tool for Dolby Atmos, Aura 3D and Ambisonic productions. A 3D immersive audio option is also available.



Tags: NUGEN Audio ,Upmixing ,Downmixing
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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Jigsaw24 extends partnership with Avid Posted: 24/03/2020
Jigsaw24 extends partnership with Avid and nbsp;

Leading B2B IT solutions provider Jigsaw24 has been named an Avid® Certified Cloud Partner – becoming the first business in the UK to earn the status.

It means the company can provide an Avid-certified solution that enables post-production professionals to edit their media from anywhere in the world.

Jigsaw24, which was already one of the country’s only Avid Elite Partners for audio, video and storage, will offer the post-production solution as part of its CCM24: Cloud Control and Management service.

Through CCM24, the company’s expert team manages and monitors customers’ cloud applications and storage platforms to help end users enjoy remote access to their projects.

David Skeggs, Head of Business Management at Jigsaw24, said: “Becoming an Avid Certified Cloud Partner reflects our fantastic relationship with Avid, our passion for cloud solutions and our unrivalled ability to help customers take full advantage of them.

“Avid’s technology allows post-production teams to work from anywhere, which opens up all kinds of possibilities for businesses in the industry.

“As an Avid Certified Cloud Partner, we can help customers realise the potential of remote or on-set editing – whether that takes the form of virtualising key hardware, enabling high-speed file transfers or expanding facility editorial capacity without increasing rent costs.”

Craig Dwyer, Vice President, Global Cloud and SaaS Practice at Avid, said: “Our expanded partnership with Jigsaw24 empowers post-production teams to fully leverage the integrated cloud tools from both companies to ensure customers have the best cloud experience possible.

Tags: Jigsaw24 ,Avid ,Cloud ,Post-Production ,Video ,Audio ,Edit ,Media ,Storage ,Remote ,Technology ,Virtualising ,Hardware ,Collaborate ,Solutions ,Content ,Tools ,Support ,IT
Submitted by Jigsaw24
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Leader Supports Britains First Live 8K Sports Demonstration for BT Sport Posted: 20/03/2020
Leader Supports Britains First Live 8K Sports Demonstration for BT Sport

A Leader LV5900 HD/4K/8K multi-standard waveform monitor was chosen by BT Sport to monitor the signal feed from the UK's first public demonstration of live 8K sport. The UEFA Europa League match between Arsenal and Olympiacos (round of 32) on the 27th February was transmitted live by BT Sport and its partners using the LV5900 to check signal quality in a BT Sport 8K broadcast production truck located just outside the venue.

BT Sport Ultimate, launched in 2019, was the world’s first service to feature regular programming in high dynamic range as well as 4K UHD and Dolby Atmos. BT first demonstrated its 8K capability with an hour-long live relay of a Premiership Rugby Sevens match from Northampton, England, to the September 2019 Amsterdam IBC.

"We are pleased to have partnered with BT Sport at these two events," comments Leader Europe Business Development Manager Kevin Salvidge. "8K HDR is the pinnacle in terms of television production quality, creating a picture 16 times sharper than HD. Our LV5900 waveform monitor is a highly compact instrument designed for checking video and audio signal parameters at any point in the production and delivery chain, from studio right through to transmission and reception."




Tags: Leader Instruments ,Asaca Shibasoku ,video test equipment ,audio test equipment ,video waveform monitors ,3D video monitoring ,surround sound audio monitors ,rasterizers ,loudness monitors ,lipsync timing analysers ,lipsync timing displays ,4K test equipm
Submitted by Stylus Media Communications
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Multi Channel Dante Audio Interfaces by Sonifex Posted: 20/03/2020
Multi Channel Dante and reg; Audio Interfaces by Sonifex

Sonifex have released three multi-channel Dante® audio interfaces which convert balanced analogue audio line inputs and outputs to Dante AoIP. Simple to configure and operate, these cost effective 1U rack-mount products offer an easy solution for AV professionals and system integrators. The range consists of three products, namely the AVN-AIO4, AVN-AIO8 and the AVN-AO16.

The AVN-AIO4, 4 Input, 4 Output Dante® Interface provides 4 analogue audio inputs and 4 analogue audio outputs on Neutrik XLR connectors and similarly the AVN-AIO8, 8 Input, 8 Output Dante® Interface provides 8 analogue XLR audio inputs and 8 analogue XLR audio outputs. Finally, the AVN-AO16 16 Output Dante® Interface provides 16 analogue XLR audio outputs.

They each use the latest Audinate chipsets, are AES67 & Dante Domain Manager compliant and are powered via PoE (Power Over Ethernet). All analogue connections are on high-quality Neutrik XLR connectors.

For more information, please contact or call +44 1933 650 700.

Tags: multichannel ,sonifex ,dante ,audio ,interfaces
Submitted by Sonifex Ltd
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Russias largest media corporation VGTRK deploys Calrec Brios as part of its HD regional studio upgrade Posted: 18/03/2020
Russia and rsquo;s largest media corporation VGTRK deploys Calrec Brios as part of its HD regional studio upgrade

The All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) is completing the installation of 30 Calrec Brio36 audio consoles into its regional studios as part of a 10-year HD network upgrade program.

Ilya Lebedev, Chief of Regional TV systems Department at VGTRK, said, “The challenge was that we needed an audio console that would work seamlessly across different stations with varying needs over a wide territory. We’d known of Calrec’s good reputation, and our integration partner, OKNO-TV, suggested using the Brio console for our studio upgrades. The Brio is a vast improvement over what we were previously using in these studios, with superb sound quality. In combination with Calrec’s Br.IO Stageboxes, this expands our capabilities and gives us the flexibility and sound quality that we need across various production formats.”

These 30 television studios are part of a huge network of more than 80 television centres  located at regional capitals and produce a wide range of content including news and entertainment programming, often both in Russian and the local regional language. Each studio is installing a Brio36 as the main console, a Br.IO Stagebox to expand the I/O capacity, along with an Allen & Heath ZED16 as the backup console.

Tags: Audio ,audio consoles ,Calrec ,VGTRK ,Brio36 ,production
Submitted by Jump PR Ltd
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Inside The Mix With Ana Monte And Daniel Deboy Posted: 18/03/2020
Inside The Mix With Ana Monte And Daniel Deboy

Q: Tell me about the company. What inspired you both to start Delta Soundworks?

Ana:Founded by myself (Ana Monte, lead sound designer) and Daniel (Deboy, lead sound engineer) in Heidelberg, Germany in 2016, DELTA Soundworks is a 3D/immersive audio post-production facility. Our projects span across installations, virtual reality, 360-degree films and gaming, as well as feature films, documentaries, TV shows and commercials, and more. Our team consists of a highly skilled and creative group of production sound mixers, recording engineers, sound designers, foley artists, composers and music producers.

DELTA Soundworks grew from the combination of my creative background in film sound design and Daniel’s high-level understanding of the science of sound. I studied music industry and technology at California State University, Chico, and I earned my master’s degree in film sound and sound design at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg, here in Germany. Daniel is graduate of the Graz University of Technology, where he focused his studies on 3D audio and music production. He was honored with a “Student Award” from DEGA, the German Acoustical Society, for his research in the field of 3D sound reproduction. He has also received gold, silver and bronze awards from the Audio Engineering Society (AES) for his music recordings.

Tags: NUGEN Audio ,DELTA Soundworks ,Broadcast
Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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PMC Appoints Mastering Mansion Pro Audio As Its Dealer In Madrid Posted: 17/03/2020
PMC Appoints Mastering Mansion Pro Audio As Its Dealer  In Madrid

Madrid-based pro audio specialist Mastering Mansion Pro Audio has been appointed as a local dealer by UK speaker manufacturer PMC, with responsibility for selling and supporting the company’s range of professional studio monitors.

Headed by Mastering Engineer Nick Litwin, who established the company 16 years ago, Mastering Mansion Pro Audio supplies equipment and offers technical support to all types of recording professionals, from producers and engineers to mastering and mix engineers and self-producing artists.

Mastering Mansion will use its in-house mastering room as a demo facility for PMC products so that potential customers can hear them in a working environment. The company will supply PMC’s entire professional range and for demo purposes it will stock PMC IB1S and twotwo series monitors including the twotwo Sub. It will also demo and supply PMC’s award-winning result6 compact nearfield reference monitors that have becoming very popular thanks to their ability to deliver high quality audio at a cost effective price.

Other high end manufacturers that Mastering Mansion Pro Audio represents include Cranesong, Grace Design, Gyraf, Josephson, Lavry, Mercury, Millennia, Mytek, Pendulum, Tree Audio, Trinnov, Vovox, Weiss and Zähl.


Tags: PMC Speakers ,Mastering Mansion ,Pro Audio Monitoring ,Spain
Submitted by White Noise Public Relations Ltd
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Hitomi for near instant lip-sync alignment of mics and cameras Posted: 11/03/2020
Hitomi to host live demos showcasing their capabilities for near instant lip-sync alignment of mics and cameras at NAB.

Hitomi Broadcast, manufacturer of MatchBox, the industry’s leading audio video alignment toolbox, and the new MatchBox Glass app for near instant lip-sync alignment of mics and cameras, are leading solutions for live broadcast.

MatchBox is already used by broadcasters worldwide to ensure the timing of live sports, news and events and now, when teamed with the use of the free iOS App, Matchbox Glass, it enables quick and reliable camera line-up into truck, remote production facility or in newsgathering applications. To use, an iPhone or iPad is simply held up in shot running the Glass App. This allows the MatchBox analyser to instantly verify camera and mic timing alignment. Glass reduces a time consuming and error-prone process to a matter of seconds.

The MatchBox Analyser tool is typically situated in a master control room, studio or OB vehicle. It looks and listens for the specific Hitomi video and audio signatures produced by the hardware MatchBox Generator or MatchBox Glass App. The measurement performed by the analyser is very fast - just a few seconds - and highly effective, vastly speeding up the process and ultimately helping to eliminate the headaches and frustrations of last-minute lip-sync issues.

Hitomi Broadcast Director Russell Johnson said, “Synchronisation is often one of the last items on a field production checklist and can happen right up to going live or on-air. Often, it can be discovered too late that there are sync issues, which can be costly and, at the very least, embarrassing to resolve at the last second.”

Tags: Hitomi ,NAB ,LipSync ,MatchBox ,audio video alignment toolbox ,MatchBox Glass app ,Synchronisation ,NAB 2020 ,NAB 2020
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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Calrec Chuck Ibey, A1 Mixer, A craft interview Posted: 11/03/2020
Calrec and mdash; Chuck Ibey, A1 Mixer, A craft interview
  1. What is your background and how did you get into broadcast sound?

I have been in live broadcast television since I was 17 and just about to graduate high school. I knew I wanted to be involved in audio, and at first I wanted to be in music. I wanted to tour with a band or work in a studio. After talking with some locals in the industry, they all basically steered me towards television. I started off volunteering with a local production company in Edmonton, and the owner Dave Benson recommended me as a Utility for CFL (Canadian Football). I started working freelance with Dome Productions in 2001 as a teenager and worked my way up to being an A1 around 2010.




Tags: Calrec ,audio ,broadcast ,live music ,sound ,digital consoles ,console ,IP ,NAB 2020 ,NAB 2020
Submitted by Jump PR
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TVFutures - Learning Editing Platforms
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The Value of Trade Shows

When you think of trade shows some might consider the relevance in today's digital world where, with the click of a button, you can research the latest technology and, with another click, someone will deliver said item to your door later that day.

So on that note let's dispel the naysayers!

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Taking a Stand at IBC - The Future of Exhibiting Clouds
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MEDIAPRO leads across the audiovisual value chain
Marc Andreu Valls

MEDIAPRO is a leading independent production company in Europe’s audiovisual market. Offering a full slate of technical and creative services, our portfolio includes everything from content production, to post production, to media and digital asset management, to the acquisition of sports TV rights, and the distribution and broadcast of television channels. We currently have 58 offices spread across 36 countries on four continents.

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