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ARRI 435ES Xtreme - Image #1
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ARRI 435ES Xtreme

ARRI 435ES Xtreme

Price: £4,000.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 130 times
Date Expires: 09/08/2019
Item ID: 200144

ARRI 435ES Xtreme

ARRI 435ES Xtreme

Currently in stock at Finepoint an ARRI 435ES Xtreme film camera.

. ARRI 435ES Xtreme – 4 PERF (Serial number: 4016)
. AVF-2 Viewfinder (Serial number: 1207)
. ANSI 16:9 CGG Ground glass
. BP-8 Bridge plate
. Glow module
. FEM-2 module (Serial number: 1285)
. FE-3 extension eyepiece (Serial number: 2450)
. K2.45886.0 Right handgrip
. Baseplate
. Power cable
. RCU-1 remote with Lemo 8pin male to female cable
. Arrimag M-120 magazine (Serial number: 2843)


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