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Cooke  Super Cine  - Image #1

Cooke Super Cine

Varotal 25-250mm PL Lens

Price: £7,750.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 51 times
Date Expires: 26/07/2021
Item ID: 221105

Varotal 25-250mm PL Lens

Cooke Super Cine

Great condition, 3 month warranty

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Monkey Deux Goes Remote to Safely Shoot Our Star Wars Stories Posted: 08/02/2021
Monkey Deux Goes Remote to Safely Shoot Our Star Wars Stories

Whether Star Wars has changed the course of your life or merely your viewing habits, if you have a soul chances are it will be touched by Our Star Wars Stories. Jordan Hembrough hosts this original digital series from Lucasfilm and He chats with fans as they unravel their true-life inspiring tales that are a result of their Star Wars bond.

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Dejero Saves Bottle Tree Pictures Tens of Thousands of Dollars on Live Streaming Costs Posted: 02/12/2020
Dejero Saves Bottle Tree Pictures Tens of Thousands of Dollars on Live Streaming Costs

Dejero’s EnGo mobile transmitter made it possible for Boston-based video and creative services agency, Bottle Tree Pictures, to save tens of thousands of dollars on live streaming during its recent production of the “Toro Cooks for Jimmy” celebrity cooking fundraiser for The Jimmy Fund and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

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CineGear ON AIR Presents American Cinematographer: 100th Anniversary Posted: 09/11/2020
CineGear ON AIR and trade; Presents and mdash; American Cinematographer: 100th Anniversary

American Cinematographer magazine is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020 — one year after the centennial of its parent organization, the American Society of Cinematographers. To celebrate this remarkable milestone, CineGear will present an hour-long online panel featuring ASC president Stephen Lighthill, ASC and key members of the magazine’s team: American Cinematographer editor-in-chief Stephen Pizzello, web editor and associate publisher David E. Williams, senior editor Andrew Fish, and esteemed cinematographer, Lawrence Sher, ASC.

The group will discuss the publication’s storied history while also offering a sneak preview of their future plans for American Cinematographer — which include a comprehensive redesign in 2021; new editorial initiatives that will place special emphasis on visual aesthetics, artistic philosophies and profiles of prominent ASC members; expanded coverage of international production; and continued efforts by the magazine to enhance their core topic of cinematography by covering many of the industry’s related creative disciplines as well: directing, production design, visual effects, postproduction, and more.

The online panel will take place on Friday, November 13th from 11:00 am to 12:00pm PST. To RSVP for this free CineGear event visit:

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A Cinematographers Tribute to the Photography of the Incredible Douglas Kirkland Posted: 22/10/2020
A Cinematographers and rsquo; Tribute to the  Photography of the Incredible Douglas Kirkland

CineGear Expo pays tribute to Douglas Kirkland in a special ON AIR presentation on October 28, 2020. The unassuming still photographer is known worldwide for his iconic imagery of famous artists from Man Ray to Coco Chanel to Andy Warhol, and musicians from Frank Sinatra to Mick Jagger to Diana Ross. His extensive portfolio of actors’ portraiture is unmatched: Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elle Fanning to name just a few. He has captured countless filmmaking pioneers like Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles, Oliver Stone, and James Cameron—whose work has impacted the art of motion pictures.

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BB and S Lights Quarantine short: We Can Go On Posted: 01/10/2020
BB and amp;S Lights Quarantine short: We Can and rsquo;t Go On

Amanda Dreschler and Michael Livingston didn’t let a detour like the COVID-19 pandemic shunt their creativity. Just the opposite— they channeled their isolation experience into inspiration and pulled out the stops—writing a script, learning the majority of crew positions, and sharpened their directing, acting and editing skills. Plus they got by with a little help from their friends— all remote, all COVID safe.

Tags: BB&S Lighting ,BB&S ,Lighting ,local 728 ,lighting design ,light ,cinematography ,digital cinematography ,director of photography ,cinema ,commercial ,music video ,phosphor lighting ,led ,lightbridge ,pipelines ,area 48 ,Lumix S1H ,reflector ,cine ,produc
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Whitman Illuminates Hot Wheels Spots with BB and S Lighting Innovations Posted: 07/09/2020
Whitman Illuminates Hot Wheels Spots with BB and amp;S Lighting Innovations

Tristan Whitman plays with toys. A specialist in tabletop cinematography, the LA-based filmmaker/USC professor is often called upon by top toymakers to make their action cars and figures grab the attention of young viewers. Unlike setups that require big crews, tabletop shooting is a more solitary endeavor, requiring a focused skillset including concentration, patience and resourceful use of tools. With fewer people on set, following the new safety protocols amid the Covid-19 outbreak is just a minor inconvenience.

Tags: BB&S Lighting ,BB&S ,Lighting ,local 728 ,lighting design ,light ,cinematography ,digital cinematography ,director of photography ,cinema ,commercial ,music video ,phosphor lighting ,led ,lightbridge ,pipelines ,area 48 ,Lumix S1H ,reflector ,cine ,produc
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Quarantine Cook-along with AEG Posted: 02/06/2020
Quarantine Cook-along with AEG

Aiming to help inspire the increasing number of people in lockdown turning to cooking and baking, AEG collaborated with video production company Monarki Stockholm and Scandinavian Photo to help produce a multicam live stream cook-along show.

Tags: Blackmagic Design ,Facebook Live ,Live Streaming ,AEG ,Cooking ,ATEM ,ATEM Television Studio Pro HD
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Latest disguise software update powers the next level of Augmented Reality experiences for home and live audiences Posted: 30/03/2020
Latest disguise software update powers the next level of Augmented Reality experiences for home and live audiences

disguise, the solution specialist for creative and technical professionals to imagine, create and deliver the world’s most spectacular live experiences— released r17.1, an update to its award-winning software, coinciding with the launch of a six-month free licence for its Designer software.

Built with disguise’s community of artists and technicians at its heart, r17.1 dramatically enhances the augmented reality (AR) workflow so that its community can produce incredible experiences with ease. With the release, disguise also hopes to help creative studios and production houses access the market opportunity presented by AR with the solution for delivering spectacular and immersive visuals.

The significant workflow improvements introduced in r17.1 enhance the ease of use for specialists delivering AR experiences with disguise, making it a more compelling option for use in projects for broadcast, esports and live contexts such as corporate, education, virtual environments and concert touring. As viewing figures surge, it becomes increasingly important to have the right tools available to create AR easily and efficiently and elevate ‘at-home’ viewing with thrilling visuals. 

Tags: disguise ,software ,Designer ,augmented reality ,Pakistan Super League ,user experience ,r17.1 ,free subscription ,Bubble Agency
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Pixotope supercharges the Super Bowl with ambitious live mixed reality production Posted: 06/03/2020
Pixotope supercharges the Super Bowl with ambitious live mixed reality production

The Future Group, provider of live photo-realistic virtual production system, Pixotope™, has revealed its key involvement in the stunning production and delivery of the NFL’s ground-breaking Super Bowl LIV, mixed reality pre-game presentation. The complex, seven-minute production combined live action from multiple moving cameras with augmented virtual stages and graphics. The 2020 Super Bowl was watched by an estimated domestic audience of 100 million people, plus international viewers.

The Future Group provided six installations of its virtual production platform, Pixotope, along with essential technical expertise to liaise with all other aspects of the multi-faceted production.

As an opener to the Super Bowl LIV, NFL planned to reveal its “100 All Time Team”. They approached fan experience company– coincidently named, The Famous Group – to design and choreograph the pre-show content. The brief was to celebrate the history of the sport and the contribution of those 100 players and 10 coaches, using graphics, historical film and live shots of attendees. The Famous Group looked to achieve this through extensive use of mixed reality virtual elements, and selected Pixotope, with expertise from The Future Group, as their technological solution.

The complexities of such a project cannot be overstated. Multiple virtual assets such as stages and screens needed to be designed to exactly match the stadium environment to which they would be augmented. Cameras needed to be tracked in real time and have their lenses aligned so that the virtual elements would be generated at precisely the right angle to accurately match real-world positions. Lighting needed to be measured so that it could be simulated in the virtual world to ensure correct shadows and highlights.

In-stadium screens, which would show the augmented content to the crowd, had to be accurately marked out in the virtual scene so that they could be blocked out to avoid visual “feedback”. All this had to take place under precise time control to synchronise with the voice-over and contributing performers in the stadium.

Pixotope product specialist, David Stroud, was part of a team of experienced mixed reality technicians, helping to specify and install the required technology, and bring together all the constituent departments. The Future Group team were involved from the outset, initially collaborating using a shared virtual project to provide technical assistance for The Famous Group creatives. Then later, the team positioned themselves at the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami FL, where the main event would take place 11 days later.

David Stroud recalled, “Although the virtual scene had been set up “offline” from scans and measurements from the stadium, there are inevitably adjustments that can only be done on site. We used our Pixotope virtual production platform to receive images and tracking data from each of the cameras, one of which was a Skycam “wire-camera”, and augment onto those the virtual elements designed by The Famous Group. This allowed everyone to see the results in real time, making adjustments and improvements as we rehearsed the show in the days leading up to the Super Bowl.”

Stroud continued, “We helped the camera operators visualise how the preshow would come together, as understandably, they were more used to following the unscripted action of a football game than reacting to very specific time cues. Pixotope has the capability to continuously output the final result, even while editing the graphics – a great tool for directors following rapid changes and updates because it’s always live.

“We also worked closely with camera tracking specialists SMT, and in fact, we were able to improve our data exchanges to further perfect the virtual camera motion. And we worked with both the broadcaster (Fox) and the companies providing in-stadium displays to ensure the very highest visual quality possible.”

Andrew Isaacson, Executive VP Business Development for creative agency The Famous Group affirms, “Needless to say, the best creative ideas rely on solid technological platforms and expertise to deliver them. This could not be truer for a live event on the scale of The Super Bowl. We needed to know, without any shadow of a doubt, that what we planned would be delivered faultlessly, accurately and to the highest quality. This is why we chose Pixotope as our platform for delivering cutting edge mixed reality for the Super Bowl.

“Having used Pixotope on previous productions, we know that the system, and expertise from The Future Group, allow our creative ideas to be unleashed to the great benefit of our clients like the NFL. We look forward to working on many more productions with Pixotope.”

All hardware was provided by Quince Imaging and camera tracking was completed by SMT. The final mixed reality sequence can be viewed online, here:

Tags: The Future Group ,Pixotope ,Super Bowl ,mixed reality ,live production ,Super Bowl LIV ,photo-realistic ,virtual production ,NFL ,The Famous Group ,David Stroud ,real time ,SMT ,Fox ,Andrew Isaacson ,cutting edge ,MKM Marcomms ,MKM Marketing Communications
Submitted by MKM Marketing Communications
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The Photography Show and The Video Show 2020 announce five more legends for the Super Stage Posted: 02/03/2020
The Photography Show and The Video Show 2020 announce five more legends for the Super Stage


Following the announcement that Chase Jarvis will headline the 2020 event, The Photography Show and The Video Show has revealed five more inspiring speakers who will take to the Super Stage when it returns to Birmingham’s NEC from 14-17 March. Once again commanding some of the industry’s most influential photographers and filmmakers, the UK’s largest photography and moving image co-located event is also set to welcome Susan Meiselas, Gavin Free, Ross Halfin, Juno Calypso and Brooke Shaden.

Following Chase’s talk on Saturday 14 March is renowned documentary photographer, Susan Meiselas. As a member of the prestigious Magnum Photos since 1976, Susan is best known for her coverage of the insurrection in Nicaragua and her documentation of human rights issues in Latin America. Looking back over four decades as an award-winning documentary photographer, she will share fascinating insights into her most recent projects, her approach and life through photography.

On Sunday 15 March, award-winning cinematographer and the co-creator of The Slow Mo Guys, Gavin Free, will present two sessions at the Super Stage. The popular duo have amassed over 13 million subscribers on YouTube, achieving fame with everything from viral videos of bursting balloons to in-depth explanations of how a high-end slow-motion camera works. In a rare European appearance, Gavin Free will let visitors into his life as an incredibly successful YouTuber, the career steps that he took to get there, and his passion for his subject matter. He will discuss what goes into making and distributing this kind of content, the tech involved, how he keeps the ideas coming, and what it's like to have online video as your career.

Tags: The Photography Show ,Chase Jarvis ,Ross Halfin ,Juno Calypso ,Super Stage ,Brooke Shade ,Gavin Free ,Susan Meiselas
Submitted by The Photography Show
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Phil Vinter

The exponential growth of video supercharged a technological revolution that began in the early noughties with the advent of DSLR cameras.
The cinematic-style shallow depth of field image video quality from DSLRs was a revelation, but, back then audio was the big drawback. As demand has grown so the technology has improved and today’s one-man-band small rig set ups can capture pretty good sound into a DSLR style camera.

Phil Vinter reviews the latest release from HOLLYLAND and it's a thumbs up from us.

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Dan Main

Perhaps you wouldn't expect an auctioneer to tell you this - but yes, there are risks to buying equipment at auction; just probably not the risks that you think.

So what are the real risks to buying at auction, and how can they be managed?

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AJA Video Systems - Ki Pro GO User Review with Spellbinder Films
Ben Sherriff The Ki Pro GO is a portable multi-channel H.264 recorder offering up to 4-channels of simultaneous HD and SD recording to off the shelf USB drives with redundant recording capabilities. Our friend Ben Sherriff tales a look
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ERA IaaS at University of Salford
KitPlus The University of Salford (UoS) is widely recognised in both academic and professional circles as a leading educational establishment in acoustics and media production. In 2011 the University moved its television and radio courses from its main campus just outside Salford city centre into the Orange Tower on the main piazza of MediaCityUK (MCUK).

This purpose-built hub for broadcasters, facility houses and production companies was created when redevelopment of the old Salford Quays docks area began in 2007. UoS was among the first institutions to consider moving to MCUK, along with the BBC, which had already committed to transfer many of its departments from London.

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In Ear Monitors Help The Cast And Crew of Americas Got Talent Cope With Covid19 Restrictions
KitPlus Capturing performances for television is a stressful business, especially if the programme is being filmed live. You want everything to be perfect but you are also aware that many things can go wrong, even with the best laid plans.
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ITN using Densitron Intelligent Display System across multiple news programmes
KitPlus Impressed by the system’s flexibility, ITN has gradually rolled-out the IDS solution for display and control applications across ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 news output
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