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Lomo Illumina s35 MK2 - Image #1

Lomo Illumina s35 MK2

Set of PL mount lenses

Price: $26,000.00
Location: Russian Federation
Condition: New
Viewed: 52 times
Date Expires: 05/01/2019
Item ID: 206313

Set of PL mount lenses

Lomo Illumina s35 MK2

For sale set of 5 cine lenses for super35. Includes

18mm T1.3
25mm T1.3
35mm T1.3
50mm T1.3
85mm T1.3
All lenses available separeted.

Will provide fast and safe worldwide delivery. for more details.

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New Diopters for creative cinematography from Tiffen

Diopters are specialized supplementary close up lenses for creative use, enabling a lens to focus closer than the normal minimum focal distance. Tiffen have introduced variations of diopters which create in-camera effects and partial focus changes.

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Ncam To Make Latin American Exhibition Debut at SET EXPO 2018

Ncam Technologies, the leading developer of real-time augmented reality technology for the media and entertainment industries, today announced it will be exhibiting at SET EXPO 2018 for the first time.

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Matthews New Product for IBC 2018 Posted: 01/08/2018
Matthews New Product for IBC 2018

Burbank, CA-based manufacturer of camera and lighting support for the entertainment industry, Matthews Studio Equipment, mantra is creating equipment that lasts. Support equipment that not only stands the test of time but adapts to all types of challenges. This year one of their coolest new tools is the MQ Mount, a simple but highly creative way to mount T-12 light tube fixtures with minimal light loss.

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Submitted by Cirrolite Europe Ltd are the UK and Ireland Distributors and also resell to European agents
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