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Optex S16 (5,5mm/8mm) - No image

Optex S16 (5,5mm/8mm)

Condition: “very good”

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Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 32 times
Date Expires: 12/09/2021
Item ID: 222171

Condition: “very good”

Optex S16 (5,5mm/8mm)

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Used, good condition
Used, good condition
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Condition: “very good”
Condition: “very good”
Condition: “perfect”
Condition: “perfect”
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15mm - 20mm - 40mm - 100mm, Used
15mm - 20mm - 40mm - 100mm, Used
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Rare Analogue Masters Are Digitized With Prism Sound Posted: 31/03/2021
Rare Analogue Masters Are Digitized With Prism Sound

Prism Sound audio conversion equipment is playing a key role in a marathon restoration project that will see 233 analogue master tapes converted into useable digital WAV. files.

The tapes belong to Good Time Records (GTR), an international catalogue owner and label with offices in the UK and US (Nashville). Content included in these tapes comes from the Crash, Satril and Catawba labels, all three of which were formerly administered by the Henry Hadaway Organisation (HHO), a company established in 1969 by Henry Hadaway MBE.

HHO became an innovator in the independent record label sector and it achieved great success during the 1970s and 1980s with artists such as The Sandpipers, The Rockin’ Berries, Kenny Lynch, Frankie Vaughan, Lyn Paul (ex-New Seekers), The Tweets, Marvin Gaye, Wilson Picket, Brook Benton and Jackie Moore. GTR, which regularly buys vintage catalogues, acquired the Crash, Satril and Catawba labels in 2020 as part of a multi-label catalogue deal.

The masters currently being restored comprise the recording archive of the former Satril Studios in North London. Among them is The Birdie Song by The Tweets, which sold over 1.6 million copies in the UK alone.

The digitization of GTR’s archive is being undertaken by sound engineer Graham Joiner, who runs a specialist audio restoration company in Brentwood, Essex. His studio is equipped with three Prism Sound Titan audio interfaces, which were specifically acquired to tackle the GTR project.

Tags: Prism Sound ,Titan Audio Interface ,Audio Restoration ,Graham Joiner ,Satril Records ,Crash Records ,Good Time Records
Submitted by White Noise Public Relations Ltd
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Densitron announces new long-term partnership with Bridge Technologies Posted: 14/09/2020
Densitron announces new long-term partnership with Bridge Technologies

Densitron, the global leader in innovative Human Machine Interaction (HMI) and display technology, has announced a new long-term partnership with measurement and monitoring specialist Bridge Technologies. Together the two companies will offer broadcast customers advanced solutions for the display and analysis of standard-based IP video streams that combine the functionality of Densitron’s IDS (Intelligent Display System) platform with Bridge Technologies’ software and hardware systems for broadcast measurement and monitoring.

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Thomson Broadcast, Supported by Viaccess-Orca, to Secure Malian Public Broadcaster DTT Deployment Posted: 12/11/2019
Thomson Broadcast, Supported by Viaccess-Orca, to Secure Malian Public Broadcaster DTT Deployment

Viaccess-Orca (VO), an Orange Group company and a global leader providing OTT and TV platforms, content protection, and advanced data solutions, announced today that the Malian Transmission and Broadcasting Corporation (SMTD) in West Africa has chosen VO's cardless Conditional Access System (CAS) to secure its free-to-view and pay-TV platforms as part of a nationwide government initiative to roll out digital terrestrial television (DTT). Thomson Broadcast has been tasked with handling the deployment for SMTD's new infrastructure, while also supplying the video headend, contribution and distribution network, and TV transmitters.

"We are excited about offering digital terrestrial television in Mali, as it will significantly improve our viewers' quality of experience while offering a broader range of content choices," said Ismaila Togola, CEO of SMTD. "Working with Thomson Broadcast and Viaccess-Orca, both leaders in their respective industries, will help us get this new DTT service securely deployed to market."

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Viaccess-Orca Secures Content for New Ultra HD STB by Orange France Posted: 07/09/2016
Viaccess-Orca Secures Content for New Ultra HD STB by Orange France
Viaccess-Orca, a global leader in the protection and enhancement of content services, announced today that the company's Adaptive Sentinel dual card and cardless conditional access system (CAS) has been selected by the leading telecommunications operator Orange to strengthen the security of its new Ultra High Definition (UHD) set-top box (STB) in France. Adaptive Sentinel ensures best-in-class software and hardware security for cardless and card-based environments. Using Adaptive Sentinel, within its new STB, Orange is able to meet the demanding security requirements of content owners from around the world. Progressively deployed since May 2016, Viaccess-Orca's dual CAS allows Orange to securely deliver UHD content to subscribers, enabling a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience in the home.
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My-HD Secures Premium Channels with Irdeto Media Protection Posted: 15/08/2013
My-HD Secures Premium Channels with Irdeto Media Protection

Irdeto, a world leader in Media Protection, Multiscreen and Revenue Assurance solutions for pay media and content owners, today announced that My-HD, a leading satellite pay TV platform in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA), has selected its Media Protection to secure the launch of over 30 premium HD channels via Arabsat to the region.

Tags: Irdeto ,conditional access ,software security ,IBC 2013 ,IBC 2013
Submitted by Irdeto
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AJA Ki Pro Facilitates Preview Screening of A Good Day to Die Hard for Troops in Kuwait Posted: 19/02/2013
AJA Ki Pro Facilitates Preview Screening of A Good Day to Die Hard for Troops in Kuwait

AJA Video Systems, a leading manufacturer of professional video interface and conversion solutions, recently delivered AJA Ki Pro portable tapeless recorders to the editorial team of A Good Day to Die Hard to facilitate preview screenings of the film to United States troops stationed in Kuwait. A Good Day to Die Hard stars Bruce Willis returning in his iconic role as John McClane; the film opened in theatres on February 14, 2013.

Tags: AJA ,AJA Video Systems ,A Good Day to Die Hard ,Ki Pro ,T-TAP ,Adaptors ,Tapeless Recorders ,Portable ,Editorial Team ,Editing ,Production ,Screening ,Kuwait
Submitted by Raz Public Relations
More from this author brings quality content to millions on Metacafe Posted: 30/04/2010 brings quality content to millions on Metacafe (MVR), the independent video rights distributor, has provided thousands of premium TV clips to Metacafe, the leading independent video entertainment site, for its new UK TV Clips hub. With more than two million unique monthly viewers to Metacafe, the deal provides a key new outlet to broaden distribution and monetise content produced by MVR's clients.

The content supplied by MVR will include Mr Bean, Father Ted, How To Look Good Naked, FATV and many more. MVR, whose board members include Kelvin MacKenzie and Peter Bazalgette, retains the exclusive right to sell in-stream advertising of its content on Metacafe.
Tags: ,metacafe ,video rights distributor ,uk clips hub ,Mr Bean ,Father Ted ,How To Look Good Naked ,FATV
Submitted by Wendy Mattock
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Sennheiser MKE 400 hands on review and test

Sennheiser have just released two products aimed at simplifying audio on the move, the MKE400 shotgun microphone and the XS Lav Mic, in this review we’re looking at the MKE400.

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How to successfully buy AV and Broadcast Equipment at Auction
Dan Main

Perhaps you wouldn't expect an auctioneer to tell you this - but yes, there are risks to buying equipment at auction; just probably not the risks that you think.

So what are the real risks to buying at auction, and how can they be managed?

To watch the interview with Dan please click here

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Using Modern Technology at Envy Provides a View into the Future of Post Production
Michael Darer ENVY’s use of modern technology, including remote edit capabilities and their expansive use of Signiant Media Shuttle, enables them to collaborate with customers and partners around the world, and made the transition to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic any easy one. Although project files and media are stored securely on-premises at ENVY’s facilities in London, they are able to collaborate globally thanks to their forward-thinking approach to post production.
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State of the Nation - The chances of anything coming from Mars
Dick Hobbs - new We were much less worldly-wise in 1938, you may say. But the autumn of 2019 in the UK saw an election campaign which was marked – many would argue dominated – by fake news, by carefully placed stories which were not what they seemed to be. Politicians set the agenda, inventing facts where necessary.
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Testing Hybrid Workflows
Martin Mulligan With the industry’s steady migration from traditional HD-SDI to IP and/or 12G-SDI infrastructures, broadcasters are now faced with the significant challenge of having to manage and monitor a wide array of new signal types in order to provide properly managed workflows. The switch away from HD-SDI is not happening overnight and, indeed, is happening at different speeds in different parts of the world. Due to this rapidly evolving technology landscape, reliable and versatile test and measurement (T&M) solutions have never been more important.
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Creating Opportunities For A Diverse and Colourful Future
Alex Humphries-French The creative industry is awash with beautiful designs, animations and incredible imagery, created for one reason – to entertain and capture our imagination. An industry creating such amazing visualisations should represent all viewers, from different backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and orientations. ACCESS:VFX, could be the answer to a more diverse and inclusive industry, by connecting young people through the power of education, mentoring and events across the UK and beyond.
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Original KVM or KVM over IP
Jochen Bauer Will the technology used in broadcasting solely consist of IP devices? For years, IP has been entering all areas of life. Especially control room applications as they are typically deployed in broadcasting benefit from the IP revolution in many ways. But an “IP-only broadcast world” is not yet here. Nevertheless, the trend clearly moves towards IP transmission, even though a large part of content production still uses traditional transmission paths. And therefore we continue to live in a hybrid world, using both original and IP-based technology. KVM experts Guntermann und Drunck still rely on both original KVM and KVM-over-IP™ to be able to offer their customers the best of both worlds.
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Undercover Remote Production
David Bradley

It’s only taken 20 years and it seems that Remote Production is finally coming of age, but it now requires far more cameras than anyone envisaged back in the last century!

The move to remote production is one of the unstoppable trends of 2019 and moving into 2020. Our CamBall cameras pioneered remote working as early as 2003 with sport and wildlife programming using remote production for many years with incredible results.

Tags: iss139 ,ptz ,br remote ,5g ,remote camera ,atlantic productions ,camball ,camball4
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Making a Difference in Wireless Transmission
Lukasz Malankowski

We are very proud to say that we are the only company that provides a highly specific service, and that is the hire of wireless video transmission solutions operating in the licence exempt spectrum.

There are other companies that provide licensed equipment and offer a diverse range of wireless solutions based on different modulations, but our products, coupled with the offerings of others rather than competing with them produce a wireless workflow that is greater than their separate capabilities.

Tags: iss138 ,boxx ,production ,wireless ,4k
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How Broadcasts Can Simplify The Delivery Of Live Video Streams To Affiliates
Phillipe Gonon In today’s fast paced environment broadcasters need to quickly, easily, and simultaneously share high-quality live content with multiple affiliates or other broadcast facilities. However, today it’s typical for each third-party transmitter to be connected to its own receiver with its own platform and management system. This results in major TV channels having several web interfaces and/or screens to receive and distribute feeds coming in from third-party devices.
Tags: iss138 ,aviwest ,stremaing ,rtmp ,rtsp ,rtp ,hls
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