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9 GVG Chains LDK-6000 / LDK-8000 / LDK-8200 - Image #1

9 GVG Chains LDK-6000 / LDK-8000 / LDK-8200


Price: Contact us
Location: France
Condition: Used
Viewed: 75 times
Date Expires: 12/07/2018
Item ID: 198959


9 GVG Chains LDK-6000 / LDK-8000 / LDK-8200

Grass Valley Package content :

2x LDK 8000/71 Elite Fischer Triax
3x LDK 8000/61 Worldcam Fischer Triax
1x LDK 8200/61 Worldcam Slo-mo Fischer Triax
3x LDK 6000/61 Worldcam Fischer Triax
9x LDK-4506/00 Base station
9x LDK 4640/10 OCP 400
1x LDK 4630 MCP 400 master control panel
4x LDK-6517/20 C-mount
1x LDK 4489 SuperXpander
2x LDK 4482 SuperXpander
2x LDK-4021/00 7 "HD Sports VF
1x LDK 4019 7 "HD Sports VF
4x LDK 5308/00 8.4 "HD LCD VF
1x LDK 5310/00 5 "HD VF
4x LDK 5302/60 2 "VF
10x LDK-5031 Plate

Top condition! Fully serviced and inspected
Pictures on request


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Now that vision is clear.  Shot in high-definition black and white over two years and edited on a Grass Valley™ EDIUS® real-time nonlinear editing system, the film has won numerous film festival awards and helped Dai prove that high-quality feature production can be done cost-effectively with the right talent and the right tools.
The feature was shot using various standard-definition and HD video camcorders and edited by Dai on his home workstation running EDIUS 5 NLE software.  Finished sequences were then output to a hard disk drive as TIFF and AAF files, and finally after audio editing and conforming at Central Pictures Corporation's Dolby Film TV Studio in Taipei, Taiwan-printed to 35 mm film.
The film "Cannot Live Without You," written and directed by Dai, has won many 'best movie' awards at international film festivals, such as the 2009 Taipei Film Festival, Skip City International D-Cinema Festival in Japan, and Durban International Film Festival in South Africa.  Recently it won the prestigious 46th Taiwan Golden Horse Awards for best motion picture, best director, and best script.
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