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Mersive Solstice Pod-7000-E1 - Image #1
Mersive Solstice Pod-7000-E1 - Image #2
Mersive Solstice Pod-7000-E1 - Image #3

Mersive Solstice Pod-7000-E1

Mersive Solstice Pod-7000-E1

Price: £998.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: New
Viewed: 58 times
Date Expires: 12/11/2020
Item ID: 211559

Mersive Solstice Pod-7000-E1

Mersive Solstice Pod-7000-E1

Currently in stock: Mersive SP-7000-E1

Solstice enables multiple users to simultaneously share media to a room display using their laptops and mobile devices over a WiFi or Ethernet network. The Solstice Pod is a turnkey solution that connects to the display in the room, enabling any number of users to instantly connect, share and control content on the display, improving wireless presentations and meeting room collaboration. All Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods on a network can be centrally managed using the Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edition, and the Pod’s built-in wired and wireless network cards support dual-network modes for collaboration among users on separate guest and corporate networks.



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