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iBoardTouch Xi 86

iBoardTouch Xi 86

Price: £5,495.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: New
Viewed: 56 times
Date Expires: 18/07/2019
Item ID: 200019

iBoardTouch Xi 86

iBoardTouch Xi 86

iBoardTouch's Xi86 for of the Xi Series is an 86" LED Interactive Touch Display 4K Ultra HD 20 point touch system. 

The Xi Series provides an easy to use 20 point touch UHD interactive touchscreen experience suitable for most Classrooms. It offers many features to enable an easy interactive teaching experience with no calibration required, giving you more time to engage your students.

Designed for the demands of educational environments, the Xi Series is packed full of features whilst still remaining easy to use and easy to teach with. The heart of the Xi Series is the combination of best-in-class robust hardware and innovative software.

The interactive display is fitted with WiFi so you can browse the internet or send emails without the need to connect to a PC. You can also choose to make of the Google playstore and install your favourite apps. It also supports wireless screen mirroring for up to 4 iOs, Android, Mac or Windows devices simultaneously.



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Features of the Xi-Series include 300% faster robotics for higher throughput, interior blue LED lighting with job status feedback and seventh-generation of Primera's patented AccuDisc technology for precise disc picking.
Furthermore, the Xi-Series comes with the exclusive wizard-style PTPublisher burning and printing software for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.5 (or higher). PTPublisher incorporates valuable extra built-in software features, such as PTBackUp for scheduled file-to-disc back-ups or PTProtect copy protection that prevents unauthorized duplication of DVD video files.
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