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Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 98 times
Date Expires: 10/04/2018
Item ID: 193739



Please contact or 02087391572 for more information.

Red Epic-W Helium 8k S35 Brain

DSMC2 Skin Tone-Highlight/Low Light Optimized OLPF Pack

DSMC A1 Canon Mount (Captive)

DSMC2 RED Touch 7.0' LCD (Aluminum)

DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander

DSMC2 Side Handle





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Christmas Eve Mass, by Vatican Media broadcast live in Sony 4K Ultra HD, with additional 8K recorded capture test Posted: 18/01/2018

Vatican Media and Sony Professional Solutions Europe once again come together to continue their joint effort to study and evaluate future technology possibilities for capture and archive. For the first time on December 24th 2017, at 9.30pm in Rome, during the Christmas Eve Mass, presided by Pope Francis from St Peters Basilica, a trial capture in 8K will take place.

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New Panasonic GH5S and Atomos Ninja Inferno are a dream combination for low light shooting Posted: 10/01/2018

Panasonic today release their new GH5S mirrorless camera with amazing low light capabilities. Unleash its full capability by combining it with the Atomos Ninja Inferno 4K monitor / recorder - recording up to DCI 4Kp60 10-bit 4:2:2 over HDMI 2.0 directly into production-ready Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR on SSD drives.

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Red Giant Co-sponsoring Music Video Contest for They Might Be Giants Posted: 09/01/2018
Red Giant today announced that it will be co-sponsoring a music video contest from the band, They Might Be Giants. The contest calls on content creators everywhere to create a unique music video for the lead track, I Left My Body of the bands latest album I Like Fun.
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NTT 4K ENC DEC Posted: 20/12/2017

Techies cant get enough of NTT Electronics 4K UHD HEVC encoders. Drawing on their long history of leadership in this area, the HC11000/HC10000 solutions offer such benefits as: 100ms low latency, HDR and support for Dolby, IP and ASI transmission; 16 x channel audio, HD support on the same platform as 4K UHD and H264 legacy support when needed. Available in both full-rack and half-rack options, you gain great performance, high-quality moving video, secure stability, and reliability for world class live events, such as the Olympics, World Cup football and motor sports. And for those of you readying yourselves for 8K, check out the first 8K scalable H.265/HEVC encoder from NTT, which archives real-time encoding of SHD 8K contents with better image quality.

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Broadcast Wireless Systems Sapphire 4K UHD HEVC Codec Posted: 20/12/2017

Discover our newest partner at this years BVE. Broadcast Wireless Systems (BWS) offer exceptional compression ratios on video resolutions up to 4K UHD the Sapphire encoder/decoder. This supports low latency, high image quality and flexibe audio support making it ideal for live applications such as broadcast contribution, ENG/SNG and wireless cameras. Youll not only save money on contribution bandwidth but save by choosing the most cost effective 4K UHD platforms on the market.

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Cinegy announces new Daniel2 plug-in for Adobe Creative Cloud Posted: 04/12/2017

Cinegy today announced that it has launched a new version of its Daniel2 Adobe® Creative Cloud® plug-in, designed for the latest Microsoft Windows versions of Adobe Premiere® Pro CC, Adobe After Effects® CC, and Adobe Media Encoder CC. The Daniel2 production codec enables ultra-fast HD, UHD or 8K production on accessible hardware and accelerated HEVC export up to 8K for distribution using NVIDIA GPUs.

Tags: Cinegy ,Adobe ,Daniel2 ,Cloud ,8K ,HD ,UHD ,Adobe CC ,Adobe After Effects
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David Hewlett Joins the Red Giant Universe in New Short Film Posted: 08/11/2017

Red Giant today released Hewlogram, the newest Red Giant film starring David Hewlett, best known for his role as Dr. Rodney McKay in Stargate: Atlantis. The new film comes out alongside the release of Red Giant Universe 2.2, the latest update to Red Giants ever-expanding collection of GPU-accelerated plugins for editors and motion graphics artists.

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Submitted by Zazil Media Group
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Red Giant Announces Universe 2.2: Fast, Easy and Awesome Transitions Posted: 08/11/2017

Red Giant has just announced the arrival of Universe 2.2, putting 11 new transition tools 76 transitions and effects in total into the hands of editors and motion graphics artists. In addition to brand new transitions, Red Giant has made updates to two existing plugins and added support for Avid Media Composer. The Universe toolset, and more, can be seen in action in the brand new short film Hewlogram, written and directed by Red Giants Aharon Rabinowitz, and starring David Hewlett, of Stargate: Atlantis fame.

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Submitted by Zazil Media Group
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The Tiffen Company Launches Micro-LED Lowel Go Lite Posted: 02/11/2017
Lowel, a division of The Tiffen Company, has launched the Lowel Go Lite, a compact and versatile lighting solution for photo and video. At its base, the Go Lite is an incredibly bright 5500k host LED light that can be used on the camera or handheld.
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Submitted by The Tiffen Company
More from this author Launches $60,000 Dreamstation Giveaway Campaign Posted: 24/10/2017, the workflow management platform for video teams, has collaborated with industry leaders to assemble the ultimate workstation for video editors. Besides showcasing an incredible line-up of post-production hardware and software, the campaign underscores how far tools have come, empowering artists and filmmakers to create amazing content for audiences around the world.

Tags: video workflows ,post production ,post production tools giveaway ,sweepstakes ,Adobe ,Red Giant ,editing ,vfx ,filmmaking
Submitted by Zazil Media Group
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AoIP in the intercom world
John Sparrow Everyones talking about using AoIP (Audio over IP) in the broadcast world, but what does it mean to the operators actually making the production - the intercom users? And after years of interoperability taking the lowest common format of analogue tie-lines (also known as 4-wires), has intercom today already moved into the digital world by sharing digital audio resources with other types of hardware?
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Looking back at IBC 2017
Duncan Payne IBC feels like a bit of a dim and damp memory now, but a few over-riding memories do remain however, not least of which was the Arri party to celebrate its 100th year. It was like an old-school manufacturers IBC/NAB party, back when manufacturers had marketing budgets, and lots of sales people. It got IBC off to a great start; thanks Arri.
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KitPlus Matching shots between different cameras can be tricky at the best of times. But how do you match lens characteristics between a live action shoot and a CGI composition? The CP.3 XD lenses from Zeiss offer an efficient solution to this with their frame accurate meta-data.
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Nicole Inanc Presenting for television is a talent that is critically competitive. Budding presenters around the world produce showreels, attend acting schools and fight to be the next Ant and Dec¦ but what is it exactly that makes a successful television presenter? As a wannabe TV presenter myself, I wanted to explore the exact process talent managers follow when finding the next big thing and whether I have exactly what it takes.
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Brian Olson Most video professionals will agree that the future is IP. The question is, when and how do they make this transition? With manufacturers just introducing new IP products, many people are observing and waiting. However, the reality is that the move to IP is already rapidly taking place and is more transformational than the move from analogue to digital, SD to HD, or HD to UHD/HDR. IP will change the way that people interact with video, making it more flexible, more accessible, more scalable and will provide more opportunities for content delivery
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Joseph Adamson The entertainment industry is visual and sound driven. Without these two elements there would be no such a thing as entertainment. Its obvious that there are people who create sound/s and visuals. Copyright laws were created to protect the industry and these artists. Many organisations have been created to look after musician, writers, poets and filmmakers. For example there are a number of bodies especially the MCPS [Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society], which is responsible for collecting royalties and licensing of music on behalf of musicians and music producers.
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Reunion on Kingsman ensures efficient workflow for sequel
KitPlus Both on and off camera, there are some collaborations that are built to last. Armed with the success of their work on the first film adaptation of the Kingsman comic book (Kingsman: The Secret Service), director Matthew Vaughan reunited with cinematographer George Richmond, DIT Joshua Callis-Smith and colorist Rob Pizzey, to deliver Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the upcoming second installment in the spy comedy series.
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State of the Nation - Telling Imaginary Stories
Dick Hobbs - new In mid-October, Nokia issued a press release from its headquarters in Finland, announcing a refocusing of its business, with a growing emphasis on digital health. Read on a few paragraphs, though, and you find this statement....
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IP Prompting
Jon Hilton# The potential nirvana of interoperable IT, Telecommunications and Broadcast convergent technology definitely felt a lot closer at this years IBC with the launch of many, many broadcast IP ready devices, workflow and solutions. While the big ticket camera and live production infrastructures dominated the headlines there were a number of smaller but equally important IP workflows that were launched which are fundamental to successful, professional TV production and this includes the often forgotten world of TV Prompting
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Video Tape recorders cannnot die.
KitPlus This article concentrates on what is often described as the weakest link, namely 1) above i.e. the Playback Decks and what could be another weak link, namely 2) i.e. Tape Cleaning Facilities. I have read several articles recently written in the belief that the playback of magnetic video tape will be all but dead in about 20 years due mainly due to lack of working VTRs this inspires me to do something about it.
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