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Skaarhoj C31 - Image #1

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Skaarhoj C31

Skaarhoj Skaarhoj C31 Pocket Controller

Price: £1,465.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: New
Viewed: 95 times
Date Expires: 25/06/2020
Item ID: 212960

Skaarhoj Skaarhoj C31 Pocket Controller

Skaarhoj C31

_x000D_ The C31 Pocket Controller is one of the most compact desktop controllers in the SKAARHOJ design range - and possibly everywhere else. It has 8 buttons and a slider (or optional T-bar) - plain and simple, just what you really need, no feature creep - and that's a feature in itself! With the Power over Ethernet option you only need one cable to communicate and to power the controller! Avoid more cable mess with this cheeky little fellow. The buttons are fully programmable to whatever functionality you fancy. You can select 6 inputs of a ATEM TeleVision Studio. You could have a 3-input preview and program bus + Cut and Auto. Or you could dedicate the buttons to something entirely different. The transparent caps are easy to lift off and supply with a fitting text or icon for your application. The C31 is made in really solid anodized aluminum that will not only provide a long life time on the road but also look cute on your production set._x000D_

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