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Skaarhoj XC2-Master - Image #1

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Skaarhoj XC2-Master

Skaarhoj XC2 t-Bar and crisp OLED legends for all RGB buttons

Price: £1,525.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: New
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Date Expires: 25/06/2020
Item ID: 212998

Skaarhoj XC2 t-Bar and crisp OLED legends for all RGB buttons

Skaarhoj XC2-Master

The XC Series is a collection of modular desktop controllers with incredible flexibility. Build your desktop control surface to fit your particular circumstance in a matter of seconds. Modules snaps together, can be reorganized on the fly, distributed with cables or just stuck together in one impressive trunk. Like all SKAARHOJ controllers the XC Series is running UniSketch OS and so they will control any current and future broadcast devices we support._x000D_ _x000D_ Combine as you Like modules snap together by magnetic force - or you can use a short cable_x000D_ The modular construction of the XC series means modules can snap together by strong magnetic force. The powerful magnets used in the XC series helps to guide modules together and ensures perfect alignment between the individual modules. Once they are snapped together you will have a strong and robust hardware interface with great intuitive tactile control._x000D_ The electrical connection between modules is by industrial strengh DB-9 connector.

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