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Tandberg EN5930 - Image #1

Tandberg EN5930

MPEG4 SD Encoder

Price: £500.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 528 times
Date Expires: 06/12/2017
Item ID: 172371

MPEG4 SD Encoder

Tandberg EN5930


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TANDBERG EN5930 (used_1) EN5930 (used_1) – ENCODERS / DECODERS

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VITEC Unveils Unparalleled HEVC Video Quality With Its Field-Proven MGW Ace Encoder at IBC2017 Posted: 14/09/2017
VITEC, a worldwide leader in advanced video encoding and streaming solutions, today unveiled the MGW Ace Encoder firmware v2.0, the next generation of the industry's first entirely portable, award-winning, hardware-based HEVC encoder. Powered by the new HEVC GEN2 codec, the MGW Ace Encoder provides the industry's best HEVC video quality of up to 4:2:2 10-bits HEVC encoding and surpasses the second-best competitor by 20 percent to meet the quality requirements of demanding broadcast applications. Along with delivering pristine broadcast-quality video streams and ultra-low latency down to 160 ms glass to glass when paired with the MGW Ace Decoder version 2.0 features a new interface that allows users to enhance video streams with several pre-configured profiles to match their application. This intuitive approach ensures that the MGW Ace Encoder can easily be set up to deliver the best streaming performance for any application.
Tags: VITEC ,Unparalleled HEVC Video Quality ,Field-Proven MGW Ace Encoder ,IBC2017 ,ace encoder ,portable ,havoc encoder ,video encoding ,streaming solutions ,IBC 2017 ,IBC 2017
Submitted by InGear PR
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PHABRIX Highlights SMPTE ST 2110 Support for Sx TAG Portable Hybrid IP SDI Generator and Analyser Posted: 13/09/2017
PHABRIX is enhancing the IP support of its Sx TAG portable hybrid IP/SDI generator and analyser to include SMPTE ST 2110 as well as 2022-6, in addition to 3G/HD/SD-SDI, optical SDI, and analogue.
Tags: PHABRIX ,SMPTE ST 2110 Support ,SMPTE ,Sx TAG Portable Hybrid IP/SDI ,SMPTE ST 2110 ,2022-6 ,3G ,HD ,SD ,SDI ,Optical SDI ,and Analogue ,IBC 2017 ,IBC 2017
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RiverSilica Selects Magewell Capture Cards for Next-Generation Video Encoding, Transcoding and Delivery Solutions Posted: 07/09/2017

IP video processing and workflow solutions innovator RiverSilica Technologies has selected capture technology from Magewell to provide reliable, high-quality video ingest in its latest generation of encoding, transcoding and delivery systems. The move to Magewell capture components is a key element of the new version 4.0 of RiverSilica's PIXFIX(tm) platform, which will be unveiled at the upcoming IBC2017 exhibition in Amsterdam.

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VIDEO OVER IP Posted: 23/08/2017
New Multiscreen Launch Platform (MLP)
This is a high-density transcoder, packager, and origin server in 1RU. This all-in-one carrier-grade product processes up to 12 HD or 24 SD sources and plays out HLS streams to up to 500 subscribers simultaneously. It is the ideal OTT solution for high-value internet video services.
Tags: encoding ,compression ,decoding ,IPTV headend ,multiplexers ,professional decoders ,distribution ,OTT ,Connected TV ,IPTV ,IBC 2017 ,IBC 2017
Submitted by Garland Partners Limited
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CLOUD-BASED HEVC Posted: 23/08/2017

Keepixo (Stand1.C29), a leading provider of software-based and cloud-ready head end solutions for IPTV & OTT will be at IBC on booth 1.C29. The company will be showcasing its ever-improving encoding products, with a focus on CMAF and its iOS compatibility for HEVC. Keepixo will also be introducing its unique Capped ABR technology for high efficiency H.264 encoding, allowing bandwidth and CDN costs savings.

Tags: encoding ,compression ,decoding ,IPTV headend ,multiplexers ,professional decoders ,distribution ,OTT ,Connected TV ,Multiviewer ,IPTV ,distribution ,IBC 2017 ,IBC 2017
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VIDEO WALL Posted: 23/08/2017
Teracue GmbH provides professional IPTV, IP-video and streaming solutions. IBC (Stand11.D13)
ICUE-GRID Showcasing at IBC, this IP Video Wall is designed for situations where a exible, responsive multiview layout is required. By using IP video signals and a distributed processing approach, ICUE-GRID is innitely adjustable in size, resolution, streams and positioning. Every single display has its own processing unit mounted at the back. The combined performance of all these distributed units is managed by the web based ICUE-GRID controller that can be installed anywhere in the network. This intuitive management tool together with the distributed GRID processing eliminates the need for a traditional expensive video wall controller.
Tags: encoding ,compression ,decoding ,IPTV headend ,multiplexers ,professional decoders ,distribution ,OTT ,Connected TV ,Video Wall ,IPTV ,IBC 2017 ,IBC 2017
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Media Excel (stand 14.P05) is the leading supplier of multi-screen video encoding/transcoding solutions, powering more than 300 million multi-screen subscribers worldwide. Their products deliver the reliability, scalability and performance required to process high -quality video for head-end and cloud-based workflows.
Tags: encoding ,compression ,decoding ,IPTV headend ,multiplexers ,professional decoders ,distribution ,OTT ,Connected TV ,contribution ,distribution ,IBC 2017
Submitted by Garland Partners Limited
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4K UHD CONTRIBUTION Posted: 23/08/2017
WISI (stand 5.B50) is a pioneer in broadband reception and distribution technology. At IBC, theyll be showcasing their new Multiscreen Launch Platform (MLP), the ideal OTT solution for high-value Internet video services. This high-density transcoder, packager and origin server in 1RU processes up to 12 HD or 24 SD sources and plays out HLS streams to up to 500 subscribers simultaneously.
Tags: encoding ,compression ,decoding ,professional decoders ,contribution ,remote production ,fibre ,SNG truck ,OB truck ,IBC 2017 ,IBC 2017
Submitted by Garland Partners Limited
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ATEME (stand 1.D71) has two major contribution-related innovations at IBC. The first is a partnership with next-gen satellite communications standard provider NovelSat to use its modulation/demodulation PCIe board, compatible with the ATEME platform and COTS server. The second is ContentSecure, which provides dynamic and rolling protection for broadcasters most valuable content.
Tags: encoding ,compression ,decoding ,IPTV headend ,multiplexers ,professional decoders ,distribution ,OTT ,Connected TV ,distribution ,IBC 2017 ,IBC 2017
Submitted by Garland Partners Limited
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What does it takes to extend your broadcast service success over any IP network?
VideoFlow (Stand 3.B56) will show why Video Quality protection is mandatory but not sufficient for professional broadcast services over IP.
Tags: Edge devices ,encoding ,compression ,IPTV headends ,multiplexers ,public internet ,Video Quality protection ,packet recovery ,IP network reliability ,IBC 2017 ,IBC 2017
Submitted by Garland Partners Limited
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Ed Calverley Over the last few years Suitcase TV has been getting involved in remote production at the software layer, and I want to talk about some of the ways we have been getting involved in remote production, including a specific trial that we did last year with BBC Sport for the Euro 2016 tournament in Paris.
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Dave Frederick Swim with bears, run with the bulls, get a pads-eye view of a rocket launch: 360 degree video production, also known as cinematic VR, makes these and many other bucket list-worthy events more accessible than ever. The format has evolved into a powerful storytelling tool, and one that changes not only the way in which visual experiences are shaped, but also the way in which media consumers perceive and interact with video content.
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KitPlus We live in a world where - thanks to everything from smartphones to cheaper professional gear - more and more footage is being shot today than ever before. It's a little known fact, however, that as more movies are made, archived physical film works all over the world are in danger of being lost to the damage of time. The Library of Congress alone has documented that only 20% of U.S. feature films from the 1910 and 1920s survive in complete form, and according to European Parliamentary Research, as of 2014, 21% of European film works were held in archives, yet only 1.5% was digitized.
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