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Raritan DKX2-432 - Image #1

Raritan DKX2-432

KVM Switch

Price: £300.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 310 times
Date Expires: 06/12/2017
Item ID: 172424

KVM Switch

Raritan DKX2-432


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Nevion Becomes a Cisco Solution Partner Posted: 16/09/2017

Nevion, award-winning provider of virtualized media production solutions, today announced that it has become a Cisco Solution Partner. The announcement follows on from recent high-profile projects involving both companies.

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Riedel Adds KVM to Growing List of MediorNet Capabilities Posted: 15/09/2017
IBC2017 will see the global launch of MediorNet KVM (keyboard, video, mouse), a plug-and-play solution for MediorNet users interested in remoting PCs through their MediorNet networks.
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ENENSYS, designers and manufacturers of digital TV transmission technologies, is today revealing powerful upgrades to its IP Switch technology for redundancy IPGuardV2.

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Artel Releases White Paper on Seamless Protection Switching Posted: 07/09/2017
Artel Video Systems, a world-class provider of innovative, real-time multimedia delivery solutions, today announced the availability of its latest white paper, "Broadcasters Can't Miss With Hitless Technology." The paper describes hitless (or seamless) protection switching and its ability to provide long-term error correction in a live-television environment. The white paper is available for download from
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The Switch Hires New President and Chief Operating Officer to Further Expand Business Growth Posted: 29/08/2017
The Switch, the leading media solutions service provider in North America, has hired Keith Buckley as its new President and Chief Operating Officer. As President and COO, Buckley will direct the day-to-day operations of the organization as it continues to expand its service offerings around the world.
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Artel Acquires ARG ElectroDesign Intellectual Property Posted: 29/08/2017
Artel Video Systems, a world-class provider of innovative real-time multimedia delivery solutions, today announced the acquisition of selected intellectual property from ARG ElectroDesign.
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Solid State Logic chooses Adder Technology for IP-based KVM flexibility Posted: 23/08/2017

Adder Technology, the high-performance KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) specialist, has been chosen by the world-leading audio console manufacturer Solid State Logic (SSL) to provide an IP-based KVM solution for its Product Demonstration Area (PDA).

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Enter the 4K Market with a Cost-Effective, High Performance 4K UHD Multiviewer Posted: 14/08/2017

Apantac, provider of cost-effective multiviewers, video walls, extenders and signal processing solutions is demonstrating two models in its HDMI 2.0 UHD Multiviewer series at IBC2017, stand 8.E37.

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IHSE USA Products at SET Expo 2017 Posted: 27/07/2017
To better service our customers in the Brazilian territory, IHSE has partnered with LineUp Systems, a leading manufacturing representative in Sao Paulo, to sell IHSE KVM products for TV and Broadcast applications. LineUp Systems carries a complete line of solutions supporting digital TV requirements for broadcast stations, production studios and TV studios at universities. LineUp Systems has a team of engineers with extensive knowledge in systems integration, training, project management, and technical support. More information about LineUp is available at
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dB Broadcast Announces IBC Line Up Posted: 28/07/2017

dB Broadcast, the UKs leading system integrator, will be showing a range of its products at IBC, and visitors will be able to meet experts from the company to discuss their applications.

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Myles Carter - new Over the last decade, streaming as a medium has seen tremendous growth. Services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video are no longer just post-hoc distributors of broadcast television content, they have become content creators and are producing some of the most well received "television" content of the past few years.
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