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Movi M10 - No image

Movi M10

Movi M10 Stabiliser

Price: POA
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 14 times
Date Expires: 17/05/2018
Item ID: 195754

Movi M10 Stabiliser

Movi M10


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NexGuard, a Kudelski company and the leading provider of forensic watermarking technology and solutions, today announced that its solutions have been deployed by Kaleidescape Inc., the leading manufacturer of home-theater movie players and servers.

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ProVision are proud to be exhibiting camera and lighting equipment with our friends at TV-Bay at this years Kit Plus event at Media City.

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Open Road Entertainment is a powerhouse broadcast and theatrical marketing company based in Burbank, California. At any given time, the rapidly growing facility has 40 to 50 different projects in motion, and with that frenetic creative activity comes significant technical complexities. Our base content, which includes video, audio, graphics and text, is delivered by different clients in different formats, which can be challenging to manage. In addition, we are transitioning from Final Cut Pro to Avid Media Composer, so we were doing a lot of transcoding for both system imports and sometimes for the exchange between the two NLEs, comments Ryan Egan, post-production manager, Open Road Entertainment. We were also constantly trying to keep the storage balanced and in check. Smaller projects are typically around 500 gigs of media, while larger projects can get upwards of 15 terabytes, depending on what comes in. 

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Amagi, the pioneer in cloud-based managed broadcast services, today announced that Viacom18 has launched Rishtey Cineplex in the U.S., using its CLOUDPORT managed services. Rishtey Cineplex is a Hindi movie channel that airs Bollywood movies, along with Hindi-dubbed South Indian movies. The channel is part of a growing bouquet of offerings from the Indian media and entertainment conglomerate Viacom18, a joint-venture between Viacom Inc. and India-based TV18 network.
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Timecode Systems Launches Integrated Workflow Solution for ARRI Alexa Cameras Posted: 07/09/2016
Timecode Systems Limited today announced its :pulse mini base station product can now be used to enable wireless remote control, metadata editing, and other enhanced workflow functionality for ARRI Alexa cameras, via the MovieSlate® 8.5 iOS app. By allowing a seamless exchange of data between the three products, this integration gives film crews complete control over metadata management and camera controls remotely, from a screen on their iPad or iPhone. 
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The 2016 NAB Show's "The Future of Cinema Conference: The Immortal Movie," produced in partnership with SMPTE, will explore how content creators and storytellers combine artistry with motion-imaging technology to thrive today  and into the future. At the SMPTE booth, the Society will highlight significant advances in standards development, promote its upcoming educational conferences, and expand on details about its centennial celebration. The Society continues to encourage and support student engagement in the motion-imaging field through scholarships, membership programs, and events. SMPTE board members and directors will again engage with students at the Society's annual networking social, which drew 100 participants to the SMPTE booth in 2015. 

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ITV Studios joins the ranks of new Steadicam M-1 top-of-the-range rig users Posted: 02/03/2016

ITV Studios in London have joined the fast growing ranks of Steadicam M-1 rig users. The M-1 is the latest high-end Steadicam rig and was supplied by Tiffen International based at Pinewood Studios, London. Included with the system were the Fawcett Exovest and G70x arm, further Steadicam M-1 options.

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