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DIGISUPER 95 (XJ95x8.6B) - Image #1

DIGISUPER 95 (XJ95x8.6B)

DIGISUPER 95 (XJ95x8.6B)

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DIGISUPER 95 (XJ95x8.6B)

DIGISUPER 95 (XJ95x8.6B)

Now in stock at Finepoint Broadcast, Canon's DIGISUPER 95 (XJ95x8.6B) new generation super-telephoto lens. It provides a range of imaging possibilities that conventional field lenses cannot match. Capitalizing on Canon's mastery of advanced lens technology, the XJ95x combines the widest focal length (8.6mm) of any field lens in the industry with a 95x zoom range that's longer at the tele end. Through this extensive framing latitude, every dramatic on-site sensation can be captured - from the emotions of a capacity crowd to the triumphant smile of an individual goal scorer.

The imaging possibilities are not only greater - so too are optical performance and image stabilization. This new lens provides superb picture sharpness across the 16:9 HD image plane and improves on Canon's already renowned image stabilization performance.

The XJ95x's incomparable optical performance is based on Canon's 50 years of advanced R&D and extensive broadcast lens development experience. By utilizing the company's proprietary large-diameter aspherical lens technology and exotic glass materials, the particular optical challenges of large focal-length ranges have been effectively countered. These include lateral chromatic aberration, monochromatic aberrations and geometric distortion.

Canon's now even more advanced Image Stabilization System comes standard in the XJ95x. Its improved optical shift-type stabilizer incorporates a sensor inside the lens that detects vibration. Compensating optics are then engaged at high speed to cancel out any effect on the image.

To counteract 'breathing' (a phenomenon that occurs when focusing, changing picture size/angle of view), the new lens includes CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System). Through a 32-bit CPU, the zoom is calculated and controlled to give an almost zero zooming effect of focus.

As users have come to expect with Canon Broadcast lenses, the XJ95x provides excellent operability including outstanding tracking capability. Similar in size and weight to the XJ86x (W.250.6, H.255.5, L.610.0mm; 23.2kg), it is also ideal for panning and tilting. Equipped as standard with a 20-pin lens interface, the lens is easily adapted to work with a wide range of existing virtual systems.

This new generation super-telefoto field lens comes from the market leader in the outside broadcasting lens industry. Whatever the major world class sporting event - football, athletics, swimming, tennis, skiing, skating or golf - and live concerts too, Canon field lens have always been there to shoot it.

For more information, please contact | +44 (0)7834 369843

Weight - 23.2kg (51.1lbs)


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