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Zeiss Super Speeds MKII - Image #1
Zeiss Super Speeds MKII - Image #2
Zeiss Super Speeds MKII - Image #3
Zeiss Super Speeds MKII - Image #4
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Zeiss Super Speeds MKII

Zeiss Super Speeds MKII

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Location: United Kingdom
Condition: used
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Date Expires: 18/05/2018
Item ID: 181780

Zeiss Super Speeds MKII

Zeiss Super Speeds MKII

Currently in stock at Finepoint Broadcast, Zeiss Super Speeds MKII lenses. We have a set of 5, 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm. 



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Sony Zeiss PMW-F5, AXS-R5, DVF-EL100, Zeiss CP.2 super speeds (21,35,85) Sony PMW-F5 camera with Sony AXS-R5 4k RAW recorder, Sony DVF-EL100 OLED Viewfinder with accessories and optional CP.2 Super Speed lens kit
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  Zeiss CP.2 Super speed ZEISS CP.2 LENS SET OF 4 SUPER SPEEDS: 18,50,35 T1.5, 25 T2.1,  15, T2.9  IMPERIAL
  Zeiss CP.2 Super speed ZEISS CP.2 LENS SET OF 4 SUPER SPEEDS: 18,50,35 T1.5, 25 T2.1,  15, T2.9  IMPERIAL
  Zeiss CP.2 Super speed ZEISS CP.2 LENS SET OF 4 SUPER SPEEDS: 18,50,35 T1.5, 25 T2.1, 15, T2.9 IMPERIAL
  Arri, power gem/ various/ Various models Lighting kit in excellent condion, ideal for man and van kits

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