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ARRI ARRILITE 2000 - Image #1
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ARRI ARRILITE 2000 - Image #3


Tungsten Light

Price: £300.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 220 times
Date Expires: 29/03/2019
Item ID: 197103

Tungsten Light


The ARRILITE series comprises fully focusing, open face tungsten floodlights that are ideal for electronic news gathering, field production and fast turnaround location use. Specially designed reflectors balance controllability and efficiency while providing an exceptionally even field of illumination. The high light output is ideal for bouncing or diffusing and provides wide area coverage. A double skin, thermoplastic housing with aluminium inner shell gives superior hot-handling capacity and also keeps the weight down.
  • Very high light output
  • Hot-handling capacity
  • Fully focusing
  • Lightweight
  • Even field of illumination
  • Barndoors with spring clips for filter use
  • Fully rotatable accessory holder
  • Wide range of accessories

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