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Arri 575

L1.33770.B (Used)

Price: £2,000.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 268 times
Date Expires: 08/08/2018
Item ID: 195486

L1.33770.B (Used)

Arri 575

L1.33770.B (Used)

Arri Daylight Compact 575 with ballast

Where lightweight Fresnel spotlights combining daylight characteristics with compact size and high efficiency are required, ARRI Compact Daylight Fresnels are the preferred choice. ARRI's elegant modular construction, using corrosion-resistant aluminium extrusions and lightweight die castings, offers great structural strength and weather resistance. Together with ARRI flicker-free Electronic Ballasts, the rugged Compact range is ideal for all locations.

-- High efficiency, wide-angle lenses
-- Corrosion-resistant aluminium construction
-- Extremely even light distribution
-- Focus position indicator
-- Focus knob on front and rear
-- Easy service access
-- Wide range of accessories
-- Pole-operated versions

The ARRI 575/1200W (L2.76425.0.) High Speed Electronic Ballast with ALF is designed for use with ARRI 575W or 1200W HMI luminaries for high-speed photography at 500 to 5000 frames per second The ballast operates 1000 Hz rather than the typical 50 to 200 Hz and incorporates ALF (Active Line Filter). ALF provides a higher Power Factor resulting in more efficient power use. This is accomplished by shifting the voltage and current waveforms in phase and minimizing harmonics and spikes. ALF also minimizes the current carried back on the neutral leg of the power infrastructure.

-- Flicker-free light up to 5000 fps
-- When combined with an adequate HMI lamp, at least 5 times more light output than a tungsten light of the same power
-- Light intensity increased by at least 5%
-- Constant lamp power
-- Constant color temperature
-- Constant light quality
-- Control of electric power of the lamp between 50 and 100%
-- Variation in power supply voltage of 10% has no influence on the power of the lamp
-- The ballast is built into a casing with IP21 or IP22

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