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Doughty G1642 - Image #1

Doughty G1642

Standard Barrel Trolley - Braked

Price: £95.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: New
Viewed: 143 times
Date Expires: 16/10/2022
Item ID: 225069

Standard Barrel Trolley - Braked

Doughty G1642

Standard Barrel Trolleys

Barrel Trolleys are often used to suspend Pantographs from fixed or rolling pipe grids and barrel hoists.

Manufactured in cast aluminium these barrel trolleys are designed to roll along 48 to 51mm diameter tubes.

Each trolley features a socket to accept a 28mm TV spigot.

Braked and unbraked versions are available in crackle black powder paint.

SWL:75 Kg

Weight:2.56 Kg

We have 8 of these in stock


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Standard Barrel Trolley - Braked
Standard Barrel Trolley - Braked
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Florian Schleich Begins Term as SMPTE Standards Vice President Posted: 12/01/2022
Florian Schleich Begins Term as SMPTE Standards Vice President

SMPTE®, the home of media professionals, technologists, and engineers, today announced that Florian Schleich has been elected to serve as SMPTE standards vice president, effective Jan. 1, 2022. In this role, he will be directing and supervising the standards projects of the Society.

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Interra Systems Simplifies IP Monitoring With New ORION 2110 Probe Posted: 22/09/2021
Interra Systems Simplifies IP Monitoring With New ORION 2110 Probe

Interra Systems, a leading provider of content QC, monitoring, and analysis solutions to the digital media industry, today announced the ORION® 2110 Probe for IP-based media workflows. The new platform supports the SMPTE ST 2110 standard, providing broadcasters with a future-proof, end-to-end monitoring solution for assuring exceptional video quality in an IP distribution environment.

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V-Nova LCEVC Licensing Terms announced for Entertainment Video Services Posted: 20/05/2021
V-Nova LCEVC Licensing Terms announced for Entertainment Video Services

• V-Nova LCEVC license is free for integration by device or chipset manufacturers, operating systems, browsers, for in-house development and encoder/player vendors

• V-Nova LCEVC license for usage is low-cost and based on service size (per-user licenses start from as little as $0.01 per year) and capped at $3.7 million

• V-Nova LCEVC licensing terms were designed together with customers and key industry players

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Cobalts John Snow is Recipient of SMPTE Excellence in Standards Award Posted: 10/12/2020
Cobalt and rsquo;s John Snow is Recipient of SMPTE and rsquo;s Excellence in Standards Award

John Snow, Sr. FPGA Architect at Cobalt® Digital, is the recipient of SMPTE’s Excellence in Standards award in recognition of his long-standing participation and leadership in the SMPTE Standards Community. Snow was honored during the Annual SMPTE Awards Gala which included a virtual ceremony and social reception on Wednesday, November 11. With a wink and a nod, SMPTE encouraged ‘attendees’ to don their finest black-tie attire and remotely honor industry luminaries and next-generation leaders.

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SMPTE and OSA on Fast Track to Release Industrys First Media Microservices Standards Posted: 20/11/2020
SMPTE and OSA on Fast Track to Release Industrys First Media Microservices Standards

SMPTE® and the Open Services Alliance (OSA) today announced major progress toward the creation of the industry's first two media microservices standards. Through a collaboration formed to provide timely solutions in the area of media microservices, the two organizations have published a new public Committee Draft (public CD) (SMPTE ST 2125) that documents a standardized IMF Registration API and a second public CD (SMPTE ST 2126) that standardizes status reporting and logging for media microservices. Both SMPTE ST 2125 and SMPTE ST 2126 are available for download free of charge to implementers who would like to build initial implementations. And as public CD document types, they are available for public review and feedback.

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New IPMX Website From AIMS Is Now Live Posted: 27/07/2020
New IPMX Website From AIMS Is Now Live

The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) today launched a new website dedicated to the alliance's new Internet Protocol Media Experience (IPMX) proposed set of open standards and specifications. IPMX addresses the Pro AV industry's need for a single set of common, ubiquitous, standards-based protocols that ensure interoperability for AV over IP.


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SMPTE Releases Revisions to IMF Standards Documents Posted: 03/06/2020
SMPTE Releases Revisions to IMF Standards Documents

SMPTE®, the organization that is defining the future of storytelling, has introduced a series of revisions to the SMPTE Interoperable Master Format (IMF) standards documents (SMPTE ST 2067) to ensure compliant implementation, bring additional features to the IMF system, address conflicts among various provisions, and improve consistency for end users. The revisions address results from IMF Plugfests, as well as feedback from implementers and users working with IMF standards to enable real-world content versioning, packaging, and delivery.




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Broadpeak Joins ETSI, Strengthens the Companys Involvement in 3GPP Standards Development Posted: 21/11/2019
Broadpeak Joins ETSI, Strengthens the Companys Involvement in 3GPP Standards Development

Broadpeak®, a leading provider of content delivery network (CDN) and video streaming solutions for content providers and pay-TV operators worldwide, today announced that it is now a member of ETSI, a leading standardization organization for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards fulfilling European and global market needs. By joining ETSI, Broadpeak will play an important role in helping to create mobile standards, including 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) for the next generations of mobile telecommunications, starting with the evolutions of 5G.

"ETSI and 3GPP are shaping the 5G mobile network future, and we're excited to be a part of the tremendous work that they do," said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak. "Technology is evolving, and the team at Broadpeak looks forward to sharing its experience and vision about how technologies such as Multi-Access Edge Computing and Network Function Virtualization, along with other 3GPP contributions, can enhance video streaming over mobile networks."

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Matthews Redefines Rugged Movement Posted: 03/10/2019
Matthews Redefines Rugged Movement

Matthews Studio Equipment turns 50 this year and like any spry 50-year-old, they’re thinking about ways prevent back ache. To help their contemporary and beginner grips, gaffers, Steadicam Ops, DITs, and Video Village Assistants Matthews created the Rock n’ RollerTM Wheel Sets.

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IBC2019 IP Showcase to Highlight AV-Over-IP and JT-NM TR-1001-1 That Streamlines and Simplifies IP Deployments Posted: 10/09/2019
IBC2019 IP Showcase to Highlight AV-Over-IP and JT-NM TR-1001-1 That Streamlines and Simplifies IP Deployments

The stage is set for the IP Showcase at IBC2019, an education and demonstration pavilion that highlights the benefits of a common set of IP standards and specifications for real-time professional media applications and the growing industry momentum for standards-based IP installations. For its fourth IBC appearance, the IP Showcase will emphasize two new areas: the emergence of open standards for AV-over-IP interoperability and the adoption of the JT-NM TR-1001-1, a set of specifications and guidance designed to make it possible for broadcasters to automate installation and eliminate complexity when deploying IP-based systems.

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This purpose-built hub for broadcasters, facility houses and production companies was created when redevelopment of the old Salford Quays docks area began in 2007. UoS was among the first institutions to consider moving to MCUK, along with the BBC, which had already committed to transfer many of its departments from London.

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