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WEVI IDX CW-7 - Image #1


WEVI IDX CW-7 SDI Wireless - HD Video Cam ~ Wave

Price: €647.00
Location: Germany
Condition: Used
Viewed: 124 times
Date Expires: 17/08/2022
Item ID: 225045

WEVI IDX CW-7 SDI Wireless - HD Video Cam ~ Wave


The new and improved IDX CW-7 video wireless link is an HD-SDI/SDSDI video transmission system that can wirelessly transmit uncompressed data with superior image quality up to 300 ft. And all this with almost no delay and a latency of less than one frame!

You can see some more informations here:

Link for manual:

Visit us and test the goods in Dusseldorf, make an appointment.

The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty.

You will receive a proper invoice with VAT.- international shipping available

Export price excluding VAT, if the item is purchased in Germany 19% VAT will be added.

Usables GmbH

Kaistr. 12

40221 Düsseldorf


+49 211 68819525


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PHABRIX launches QxP and ndash; The portable QxL Posted: 10/08/2022
PHABRIX launches QxP and ndash; The portable QxL

PHABRIX, a broadcast test & measurement innovator, has announced the launch of a portable Qx Series instrument in the form of the brand new QxP. Inheriting the flexible architecture and extensive workflow support of the acclaimed QxL rasterizer, the QxP – which will be shown on booth 10.C01 at IBC 2022 (September 9-12, Amsterdam RAI) – incorporates a 3RU multi-touch 1920 x 1200 7” LCD screen and is equally at home on-set in SDR/HDR, grading and shading applications, as well as in QC, MCR, engineering and R&D environments.

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Eurovision Services and Ateme conduct first test of enhanced BISS-CA audio features Posted: 11/08/2022
Eurovision Services and Ateme conduct first test of enhanced BISS-CA audio features

At a recent major sports event in France, Eurovision Services and Ateme carried out the first-ever test of enhanced features of the BISS-CA encryption standard that allow content owners to grant conditional access to individual audio feeds. This is the first time that the enhanced features allowing encryption of individual audio feeds have been tested in an “as-live” context.

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Ikegami Europe to Demonstrate Latest-Generation Broadcast Production Technology at IBC2022 Posted: 09/08/2022
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Ikegami Electronics (Europe) will demonstrate the latest additions to its range of broadcast production equipment at IBC2022, RAI Amsterdam, September 9th-12th. Making their IBC debut on the Ikegami stand, 12.A31, will be the UHK-X700, UHK-X750 and UHL-F4000 cameras plus the BSX-100 UHD/HD fibre base station.

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Magewell to Highlight New Capture, Conversion, and Streaming Solutions at IBC2022

Video interface and IP workflow innovator Magewell is excited to be gearing up for IBC2022. Appearing in stand 7.A40, the company will showcase capture, conversion, and streaming solutions that seamlessly bridge signals, software, streams, and screens.

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Dejero Unveils New 5G Transmission and Decoding Solutions at IBC 2022 Posted: 02/08/2022
Dejero Unveils New 5G Transmission and Decoding Solutions at IBC 2022

Dejero will introduce its new EnGo 3 and EnGo 3x 5G mobile transmitters with integrated internet gateway at IBC 2022, along with its new WayPoint 3 receiver.

The EnGo 3 and EnGo 3x combine superior 5G performance with unparalleled video quality for broadcast and media production markets; with EnGo 3x supporting 4K UHD transmission and multi-camera production. The company’s new WayPoint 3 receiver reconstructs video transported over multiple IP connections from select Dejero transmitters, decodes HEVC or AVC, and outputs resolutions up to 4K UHD.

New 5G EnGo mobile transmitters

The EnGo 3 and EnGo 3x transmitters are designed with brand new RF and 4x4 MIMO antenna architecture to unlock the full potential of 5G connections and ensure optimal antenna isolation.

“This next generation of EnGo has taken connectivity a step further by quadrupling the number of antennas per modem, offering wider support of cellular bands for greater performance and reliability,” explains Francois Vailant, senior product manager, Dejero. “Other 5G mobile transmitters are using 4G antenna design principles where interference by antennas, placed too close together, negatively impacts reliability, especially in areas where cellular signals may be weak, or where many cellular devices are competing for network bandwidth.”

Dejero selected modems that support a broad range of cellular bands to enhance 5G performance of the EnGo 3 and EnGo 3x, supporting additional bands used by carriers in the US, Canada, Australia, China, Korea, and Latin America that other 5G mobile transmitters simply cannot connect to.

With the new EnGo 3 and EnGo 3x transmitters, field crews can transmit broadcast-quality video, quickly transfer large files and set up high-bandwidth access points for multiple devices instantly. In newsgathering and remote production scenarios, GateWay mode can be used for file transfer, connect to newsrooms and MAM systems, publish content on social media, and access cloud or private datacenter resources.

“It’s a huge breakthrough in terms of what a single unit can do on the go – especially those who find themselves reporting from or operating in fringe coverage areas or locations where there is network congestion,” added Kevin Fernandes, chief revenue officer at Dejero.

The EnGo transmitters also streamline the communication and workflow between the field and station. This is essential for mobile news teams that work to tight deadlines; instead of losing time searching for an internet hotspot, or depending on mobile hotspot devices with just a single connection, they can count on an ultra-reliable, multi-network fast connection of up to 500 Mbps.

For film, television and commercial production companies, EnGo users can leverage the ultra-reliable connectivity to enable real-time collaboration with dispersed teams. They can also accelerate delivery of content from the remote location directly to post-production, regardless of where that location is – hence reducing the number of people required on set and unlocking huge cost-savings.

EnGo 3x

EnGo 3x boasts multi-camera support for up to four fully frame-synced HD feeds. Perfect for capturing feeds from multiple cameras in a single unit, EnGo 3x reduces the cost and complexity of multi-camera sports and live event productions. The additional camera inputs can be licensed when needed, for ultimate flexibility.

The ability to transmit in 4K UHD with eight audio channels delivers unparalleled video quality at extremely low latencies. With more sports and major live event viewers willing to pay a premium to watch in the highest definition possible, Dejero anticipates this will quickly become a sought after feature for sports and live event productions. Furthermore, 4K UHD live feeds can greatly benefit film, television and commercial productions to make it easier for distributed teams that are not located on set to monitor and detect lighting and color balance issues in real-time. This is paramount for avoiding expensive reshoots. The 4K UHD feature does not require a separate licence, unlike competing solutions.

EnGo 3

EnGo 3 is designed for newsgathering in locations where 5G networks have been widely deployed, As with the EnGo 3x, it reliably transports broadcast-quality live video from remote locations whilst also providing resilient, high-bandwidth internet access, all in a single device. With glass-to-glass latency as low as half a second over bonded cellular connections, it also delivers greater security with AES 256 encryption, a security-hardened Linux OS and a cryptoprocessor to authenticate the hardware.

The 5G networks bonded by EnGo 3 and EnGo 3x transmitters can be combined with other wireless networks including Wi-Fi and GEO/MEO/LEO satellite, and fixed line (cable/DSL/fiber) wired networks thanks to Dejero’s award-winning Smart Blending Technology. This technology intelligently manages the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of the individual connections in real-time, providing enhanced reliability, expanded coverage and greater bandwidth.

The new EnGo mobile transmitters also feature built-in Hybrid Encoding Technology with the latest generation of Intel processors with customized firmware. The units can adapt to real-time feedback on the complexity of the content being encoded, such as the amount of motion. To achieve unmatched video quality, EnGo 3 and EnGo 3x work in tandem with Smart Blending Technology to analyze the throughput capacity and latency of all the connections in real time.

WayPoint 3 receiver

The new WayPoint 3 makes its debut at IBC. It can receive video in resolutions up to 4K UHD to ensure high picture quality. WayPoint 3 reconstructs HEVC or AVC video, transported over multiple IP connections from any Dejero transmitter from version 1.3 onwards, ensuring reconstruction, decoding, and playout in the highest possible definition that SDI, or MPEG-T workflows can support. Saving rack space in the server room, WayPoint 3 can simultaneously output up to four feeds from the same receiver; two 4K UHD and two HD (or lower resolution), one 4K UHD and three HD (or lower resolution), or four HD (or lower resolution).

The receiver’s built-in redundancy minimizes risk and maximizes uptime using 1 TB hard drives with RAID protection for both power and storage redundancy.

For more information, please visit Dejero at IBC 2022, in its new stand location, 2.B51, Rai, Amsterdam 9-13 September, 2022 or go to

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NativeWaves spent more than a year searching for a replacement SDI capture card when the cards it was using failed to meet its high standards for audio quality. The search eventually led to Netherlands-based DekTec, who were able to adapt their line of existing SDI cards to suit NativeWaves’ requirements.

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Glensound delivers road-ready digital audio solutions at PLASA

Glensound, industry leader in high-quality audio systems, will take to the floor at the PLASA Show (Olympia, London, 4 – 6 September, stand F4) with the latest networked audio developments in throw-down devices. Glensound distribution and communication systems are extensively used in eSports and live events as well as broadcast. In the demanding world of live events, speed of set-up is critical, so networked audio has huge advantages in simplicity of connection. Glensound has a whole range of case-proven devices which solve every sound challenge from stage boxes to broadcast-quality commentary over a cellular phone. Where appropriate, each device is rugged enough to stand up to set-and-forget on the stage – throw-down ready.

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PHABRIX to showcase new Qx Series portable rasterizer and Qx QxL Series software release at IBC 2022 Posted: 01/08/2022
PHABRIX to showcase new Qx Series portable rasterizer and Qx QxL Series software release at IBC 2022

PHABRIX has announced that it will be presenting multiple new hardware and software releases in its industry-leading range of T&M tools at IBC 2022 on stand 10.C01 (Amsterdam RAI, 9-12 September). Headlining the roll-call of new innovations is a portable addition to the Qx Series rasterizers in the form of the 3RU QxP, while NoVNC browser-based remote access and improved audio functionality are among the features of the latest software release (V4.7) for the Qx and QxL Series rasterizers.

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TAG to Introduce European Market to Ground-Breaking MCS Enhanced with New Bridge Technology at IBC 2022

TAG Video Systems, the leader in software-based IP end-to-end monitoring, deep probing, logging, and real time visualization solutions, has announced plans to introduce the European market to an enhanced version of its ground-breaking and award-winning Media Control System (MCS) at IBC 2022 in Stand #1.C30. Initially launched at NAB 2022, TAG’s MCS is transforming the way media companies and content owners extract and utilize their own data to achieve deep insight into their operations and formulate game-changing operational and commercial strategies. The addition of TAG’s Bridge technology allows the MCS to ingest a stream once and deliver an optimized version in any size or format to multiple locations, making it an invaluable enhancement for multi-studio live production applications such as news and sports

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Sennheiser have just released two products aimed at simplifying audio on the move, the MKE400 shotgun microphone and the XS Lav Mic, in this review we’re looking at the MKE400.

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