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Tektronix (Telestream) WFM 2300  - Image #1
Tektronix (Telestream) WFM 2300  - Image #2

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Tektronix (Telestream) WFM 2300

Used portable 3G/HD/SD-HDI Waveform Monitor with Data monitoring

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Used portable 3G/HD/SD-HDI Waveform Monitor with Data monitoring

Tektronix (Telestream) WFM 2300

Offering an array of video/audio monitoring tools and test signal generation, the wide range of physical interfaces allow quick connection to isolate, diagnose, and resolve system issues.

Portable Waveform Monitor for Broadcast & Chief Engineers

The WFM2300 is a powerful troubleshooting toolset for broadcast engineers and technicians whether in the field and or stationed at remote locations within a facility. The instruments provide a full range of Video, Audio, and Ancillary data measurements to verify performance or trace problems to root cause.


  • Video: 3G/HD/SD-SDI in BNC, HDMI, or Fibe

  • Video: Eye & Jitter Measurement

  • Video: Composite analog video waveform display on Ref in input

  • Audio: AES/EBU, Embedded, Dolby E

All-In-One Capability to Troubleshoot a Wide Variety of Issues

The WFM2300 comes complete with a full set of physical interfaces and measurement components to address a wide range of broadcast issues. The basic waveform functions can be easily augmented with a full suite of tools to perform measurements as diverse as evaluating physical layer margins on long SDI runs or providing a known ‘good signal’ to check AV delay or audio loudness.


  • Connect to: SDI, ASI, fiber, and HDMI for video; AES/EBU and embedded for audio

  • Check: Integrated test signal generator and cable length impairment

  • Standard Displays: Waveform, Vector, Gamut, Picture

  • Optional Features: Eye/Jitter, Audio Loudness, Dolby, and more

A Familiar Interface in A Ruggedized Package

The entire family of instruments have an identical interface and displays. The familiar controls and large 7" diagonal screen of the 2300 maximizes your time outdoors, on the bench, or near the rack. There’s even a replaceable battery that can be quickly swapped out to ensure optimum availability.


  • Identical user interface to WFM 5000, 7000, and 8000 series

  • Rugged package designed for demanding environments

  • Optimum availability from swappable Long-Life Battery


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