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Mercedes PL Mercedes 519CDi  - Image #1
Mercedes PL Mercedes 519CDi  - Image #2
Mercedes PL Mercedes 519CDi  - Image #3

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Mercedes PL Mercedes 519CDi

4 Camera (upgradable to 6) HD OB Van

Price: £125,000.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 578 times
Date Expires: 15/04/2019
Item ID: 204163

4 Camera (upgradable to 6) HD OB Van

Mercedes PL Mercedes 519CDi

PL Mercedes 519CDi
Age: 2011
Tonnage: 5
Mileage: 165267 Km
Length: 6.5M
Width: 2.2M

- 3 cameras Fiber hybrid cable and monitored with mixer digital Panasonic HVS 400 in option
- Wire rack Network video SD / HD 32X32

- Wire rack AES 32X32

- Multiviewer Miranda Kaleido Solo

- Monitors LCD 42'' JVC ,19'' JVC, 17''

- Measured Tektronix WFM 5000 HD / SD

- Intercom Clearcom Pico Eclipse + 4 posts

- Console audio YAMAHA 01V

- Module / peakmeter DK Audio and 2F / 4F interface

- Triple TBC and cross conversion LEITCH X75

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