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Mercedes 416 CDI  - Image #1
Mercedes 416 CDI  - Image #2

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Mercedes 416 CDI

6 channel HD, 4x HD and 2x Fiber

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Location: Netherlands
Condition: Used
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Date Expires: 04/09/2019
Item ID: 210466

6 channel HD, 4x HD and 2x Fiber

Mercedes 416 CDI

In working condition 6 channel HD, 4x HD and 2x Fiber, see the equipment list.
What you see on the pictures is what you get.
KM: 275.000, this Mercedes 416 CDI has always been well maintained.


Regie Equipment Panel Front
1 BEL BRC Series A4-4 Audio Monitor
1 Ateme Kyrion DR 5000 Single Channel Multi-CODEC IRD
1 Ateme Kyrion DR 8400 SD/HD MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 Decoder
1 Ateme Kyrion CM4101 SD/HD MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 Encoder
1 ND Satcom ACU 4100A SNG Antenna controller
1 ND Satcom ACU E110B SNG Antenna Remote
1 Blackmagic Smart View 2x 7″ HD screens
2 Youcom RS 250 GSM Digital Hybrid for OB Vans
1 US Utah Scientific UTAH-100 UDS CP Control Panel
1 Prospect Electronics Type K8R 1U Rack Mount Talkback Unit, incl. goosneck microphone
1 Panasonic AV-HS400 HD Live Video Swicher
2 JVC JVC, DT-E21L4 21″ FullHD SDI broadcast monitor
1 Vikinx 16-ProXY Control Panel
1 Wohler AMP1-16 Series 3Gb/s, 16-Channel, Audio and Video Monitor
2 Newtec AZ410 Broadcast Satellite Modem
2 ND Satcom HPZ E200 A HPA Control Unit
1 ND Satcom TLC 0143A Transmit Line Controller
1 Rohde & Schwarz FS 300 Spectrum Analyzer
1 Agilent E4418 B Power Meter
1 DVB-T RX PP Receiver Remote Panel
2 Fostex 6301B Active Speakers
1 Tektronix TSG 95 PAL/NTSC Signal Generator
1 Tektronix SDA 601 Digital Analyzer

Regie Equipment below desk
2 Telecast Viper 442 Modular Card Frame
1 Amptec IDI
1 Lynx RFR 5010
1 Vikinx A1616 Audio Router
1 König DVB-T FTA21 Free-To-Air DVB-T TV receiver + antenna
1 Moxa NPort 5610 6-port RS-232 rackmount device server
1 US Utah Scientific 100-UDS 32 Universal Distribution System
1 SAT-NMS LRXD-18 L-Band Distributor
2 ND Satcom BUC 2012-A Blockupconvertor
2 ND Satcom Battery Monitor
1 Ansul CO2 Quick extinguisher Fire extinguisher

Regie DSNG Back Side
1 Fischer Panda 14000 NE Power generator
1 Earthing connection On Schill FTE 260.0101.HO7VK
2 Telecast Mussel Power Supply/UPS
1 380V Power Cable 50 meters 380V Power cable on drum

Regie DSNG Roof
1 ND Satcom Ku-Band UPC Outdoor UPC
1 ND Satcom HPA2413BL HPA 400W 13,75-14,5 GHz
1 ND Satcom POL 0154A SNG Polarisation Drive SNG
1 Clark Mast PT 14 Mast Max height: 7,5 meters, max weight on top is 20 Kg.
1 König Ant-177-KNL Portable Camping Antenna
1 Oyster Digital Satellite Antenna
1 Sun awning

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