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Mercedes Vario 816D

UK Right Hand Drive 8 Cameras HD OB

Price: £50,000.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 3145 times
Date Expires: 10/12/2020
Item ID: 206353
Dealer: Onvision LTD

UK Right Hand Drive 8 Cameras HD OB

Mercedes Vario 816D

Compact but powerful 12 Camera HD unit. Built by FAL Systems UK. Three production areas - Main Production with 4 seating positions. Sound at front of vehicle- 1 seating position. Engineering / Vision at rear with 3 engineering positions. This unit was upgraded to full 1080 HD last year. There are 12 fibre camera connections on the rear tailboard.
2006 model right hand drive UK spec Euro 4 - 72,000 recorded miles. Available now and ready for your production. Cameras / Lenses and VTR are not included but we can supply these in new or used if required.

Full HD 1080 2 ME - 20 input vision mixer with 4 upstream keys, 2 downstream keys.30 Monitor Preview Capability - All Assignable (36 if accounting for 2 x Quad Split) . Tallied Camera Monitoring. Failsafe Vision Switching Capability. Failsafe Backup Additional Multiviewer Monitoring. 2 Telex 12 way Talkback Panels , 2 Genelec Audio Program/FX monitoring Speakers. Production Audio Monitoring Dim & Cut Panel. Secondary Master router Control Panel . Timecode Display Monitoring. Independently Dimmable Rack Lighting. 22" Monitor for Graphics Machine. 22" monitor for quality control, vectorscope/wavefom/embedded audio data analyser and error logging for audio & video levels & Luma, etc. EVS Position - 8 Input (XT3) Single EVS Position (Expandable), EVS VGA Graphics Monitor, 10 Monitor Preview Capability - All Assignable, Independent Audio Monitoring Speakers (4 Channels) , Independent Audio Monitoring Headphone Amplifer , 4 way Telex Talkback Panel Independently Dimmable Rack Lighting

40 x 40 Matrix Router. Additional Computer Based Memory Function with "save show" capability. Full Video Routing Secondary Master router Control Panel. Routing Preview Monitor. Routing Preview Monitor Dedicated Control Panel Full patching capability . Fully Connected LAN Routing Gigabit with external Ethernet Port. Additional Quad Split Field Monitoring. SPG with Timecode and Test Black & Bars. HD/SD Up/Down/Cross Converters Converters (Expandable). HD/SD Frame Synchronisers (Expandable) 4 Outgoing HD/SD/Composite Chains (Each Chain 6 HD, 6 SD, 2 Composite externally + Internal Routing from each). 3 x 4 Way Telex Talkback Panel. Independently Dimmable Rack Lighting

Yamaha 02R96 40 Input Analogue Sound Mixer - 20 output Channel Capability. 32 x 32 Quartz Stereo Audio Matrix Router. 4 x 4 Channel PPM Monitoring. Bantam Patching Jackfields. Fostex Main Audio Monitoring. Fostex PFL Audio Monitoring. Selectable Input and Cut & Dim Facility. Computer Interconnection with Monitor Preview of all patches/controls with "save show" capability. Radios. Klark Technik 4 Channel Audio Compressor/Limiter. 12 Way Telex Talkback Panel. Telex Zeus 24 x 24 Talkback System having Computer Interconnection with "save show" capability. Additional 2 Channel 2 Wire Talkback Circuits (Expandable). Independent 12 way Talkback Level Mixer. 6 Audio Embedders (Expandable) 6 Audio De-Embedders (Expandable). Privacy Blackout Curtain. Internal & External 4 Wire Communications 3 Outgoing Audio Chains. Each Chain - 4 Stereo Tailboard, 3 Stereo Jackfield + Internal Routing from each chain + Fully Featured Fully Connected Tailboard Inputs & Outputs XLT and Mil26 Multi.

Cameras shown in picture not included.

Please ask for full specification sheet by email. Can be viewed in the UK by arrangement. Call 0044 (0)208 763 4198 or email


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