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OB57  Volvo 11metre 12 camera capable Euro4 OB truck obvan - Image #1

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OB57 Volvo 11metre 12 camera capable Euro4 OB truck obvan

3 room truck, full air con, coachbuilt, rack ready

Price: £20,000.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 271 times
Date Expires: 09/08/2018
Item ID: 197867

3 room truck, full air con, coachbuilt, rack ready

OB57 Volvo 11metre 12 camera capable Euro4 OB truck obvan

more info

Owner of vehicle. N.I broadcast Ltd

For sale is our Volvo 2005 Euro4 air suspension outside broadcast truck.

Approx. 11metres long, 2.45metres wide

Delivery worldwide available.

In excellent condition. 330,000km only.

Right hand drive, manual gearbox.

Cruise control, onboard diagnosics, auto idle shutdown etc. Rear air suspension

OB Features

  • Sold rack ready with power, 3x air conditioning units (slide out in lockers for easy maintenance), and furniture and lighting. . (ready for refit)
  • Bespoke coachbuilt outside broadcast OB body.
  • 3x Air conditioning units split type. (locker mounted compressors with slide out rails for easy maintenance. Internal heaters and air con for each air con and full monitoring and control inside OB body
  • .Clarke pneumatic mast with compressor (mounted at front of truck in front locker
  • Regulated AVR in locker mounted if needed for technical equipment
  • Single phase power input with 2x 63amp inputs
  • Lots of locker storage space (approx. 5 or more lockers for storage plus front storage compartment
  • Foldway steps which slide under floor for each entrance door.
  • Rear ladder to access roof and fold up afety gantry on roof with strengthened floor (eg for cameras, sat dishes, aerials etc
  • 24v technical power, emergency lighting, emergency start of engine also. ALARM for OB section.


  • OB section as it is now is 3 rooms.
  • Internal height is 202cm in each room.
  • Script lighting, room lighting and emergency lighting for each room
  • Heaters in each room and also at bottom of racks also in emgency in very cold conditions (eg when arrive at location.
  • Cable ducts for wiring of truck and equipment is under floor with access panels in floor.
  • 1st room is at front of truck, (1 entrance door) and 1 door from production room Room width is 115cm. Setup with 2x equipment racks and 1 small approx. 2foot heigh also beside mast
  • 2nd room is main production room, (1 entrance door) with access also from sound and VT room. Room width is 234cm wide. 4 and half racks for production wall and small half rack under desk also.
  • 3rd room is very large at the back, 2 entrace doors (1 each side) and door from production also. This room is 340cm wide to front of rack. This room has 4 and half racks across back of truck, then 2 racks on 1 side and 3 racks on another (total of 9 and half rack racks).
  • Rear of truck has small ladder for easy tailboard management, (tailboard is 4 racks across. With some power outs also.
  • Power input is at side of truck with 3 entrace doors, 2x 63amp inputs (single phase). AVR voltage regulator is mounted in locker this side also.(can be bypassed). 3x air conditioning compressor units are mounted in locker (on slideout rails). 1x mounted driver side, 2x mounteded passenger side).
  • MAST is at front of truck inside along with compressor and controls.

The OB floorplan is nicely setup for sound at front, production in middle and VT edit and engineering at back of truck but you can easily modify this layout maybe into a 4 room truck or alternative.


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