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Avid Mojo DX  - Image #1

Avid Mojo DX

Price: £100.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 360 times
Date Expires: 06/12/2017
Item ID: 177999

Avid Mojo DX


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AJA Partners with Avid to Develop Avid Artist | DNxIV Hardware Interface Posted: 18/09/2017

AJA Video Systems today announced a technology partnership with Avid® to design and manufacture Avid Artist | DNxIV, a new hardware interface option for Avid Media Composer®. The Thunderbolt¢ 3 capture and output device offers the latest 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 I/O connectivity, advanced audio features and 4K/UltraHD support up to 50p/60p frame rates.

Tags: AJA ,AJA Video Systems ,Avid ,Avid Media Composer ,Avid Artist ,Avid Artist | DNxIV ,IBC ,IBC 2017 ,IBC 2017
Submitted by Raz Public Relations
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Marquis Broadcast transforms its business with hybrid cloud production Posted: 29/08/2017
There's been a big shift in the industry recently, from media producers talking about the cloud to actually starting to use it. Suddenly, Marquis is being called upon to deploy solutions that directly integrate to cloud whether private or public. Often this is around making the best of both cloud and traditional on-premise facilities, with hybrid workflows.
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FilmLight boosts Baselight for Avid functionality and efficiency with 5.0 at IBC Posted: 29/08/2017

FilmLight, the leading colour science and grading specialist, is showcasing the latest release of Baselight for Avid, its high-productivity plugin that brings colour control and preview to editing workstations, at IBC2017 (Amsterdam, 15 19 September, stand 7.F31). With Baselight for Avid and FilmLights render-free, metadata-driven workflows, editors always see the latest grade, and can make their own adjustments to it without leaving the Avid environment.

Tags: FilmLight ,Baselight ,Avid ,Grading ,Colour ,IBC ,IBC 2017 ,IBC 2017
Submitted by MKMMarcomms
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New AKA Design furniture for composer David Arnold Posted: 29/08/2017

AKA Design has been commissioned to build a custom composing desk, crafted from crown oak, for talented composer, David Arnold. This will be housed at Davids room at Air Studios and is his second AKA desk, following one installed in his home studio two years ago. The new composing desk features an integrated Doepfer Musikelektronik keyboard; AKA works with leading manufacturers like this worldwide, housing audio, broadcast, editing, grading and music production technology in its stylish studio furniture.

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Submitted by Brill Media Limited
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VidOvation at the 2017 NAB Show Posted: 21/03/2017
At the 2017 NAB Show, VidOvation will introduce VidOsat, the company's new lightweight, portable, and easy-to-deploy Ku- and Ka-Band satellite terminal. VidOsat fully integrates with the AVIWEST DMNG PRO bonded cellular transmitter, enabling it to bond satellite and cellular transmissions together for a hybrid transmission solution. VidOsat's high-quality and reliable construction, including a five-segment, high-gain, one-meter carbon reflector, ensures excellent performance even at the extremities of the satellite footprint. VidOsat also includes an inclinometer and fine-adjust for azimuth and elevation. The collapsible satellite terminal easily transports as checked luggage, and its "no-tools" assembly with a folding feed arm and quick-deploy tripod ensure easy and rapid setup. The tripod has detachable sand feet to allow deployment of ground anchors for maximum stability and reliable operation. 
Tags: VidOvation ,2017 NAB Show ,VidOsat ,VidOlink ,DMNG PRO180+ ,4K ,Multi-HD HEVC ,Video Encoding ,IP Distribution ,AVIWEST ,Innovative Mobile Journalism ,MOJO ,NAB 2017 ,NAB 2017
Submitted by Wall Street Communications
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Marquis Parking is Just the Ticket for Hat Trick Posted: 08/03/2017

Marquis Broadcast, developer of advanced workflow productivity tools for the broadcast and media industry, has announced Hat Trick, one of the UK's most successful independent production companies has installed Marquis Project Parking and Workspace Parking to manage its Avid projects.  Hat Trick now uses Project Parking integrated with Spectra Logics BlackPearl® Deep Storage Gateway for storage and easy retrieval of projects, while Marquis Workspace Parking and Sync enable editors to access content at facilities in both Camden and near Oxford Street, central London.

Tags: Marquis ,Hat Trick ,Parking ,Avid
Submitted by Grapevine PR
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Altered Images equip second facility for Run VT Posted: 07/03/2017
Post-production house, Run VT, has just opened a second facility on Newman Street in central London, choosing Altered Images to supply and install its new Avid systems. The 4,000 sq ft facility includes seven offline suites, together with an online and a grading suite, and has been designed for close collaboration with Run VTs original building, also located in Newman Street.
Tags: Altered Images ,RunVT ,post production ,production ,offline ,online ,facility ,Avid ,NEXIS ,shared storage ,editing
Submitted by Brill Media Limited
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Altered Images enhances grading facilities at Wash Posted: 24/01/2017
Altered Images has supplied grading facility, Wash, with the latest DaVinci Resolve advanced control surface for its East London premises. The company chose the system for its ease of use, precise colour control and simple workflow integration with industry-standard NLEs. 
Tags: Wash ,DaVinci Resolve ,grading ,finishing ,playout ,colour correction ,grade ,Avid ,Adobe ,control surface ,workflow ,integration
Submitted by Brill Media Limited
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Halo Post Production, winner of the 2016 best post facility award from Broadcast magazine, has boosted its picture post functionality with PixStor software-defined storage from Pixit Media - powered by Netapp E series storage. The system was implemented and installed on-site by ERA, specialists in image-centric IT solutions for the creative industries. The new installation is particularly aimed at enhancing halos 4k capabilities.
Tags: ERA ,ERA Ltd ,Halo Post Production ,Halo ,Pixit ,Pixstor ,4k ,Nucoda ,Flame VFX ,Avid Media
Submitted by Manor Marketing
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Marquis and Spectra Logic Develop Complete Media Management and Archive Solution for Avid Users Posted: 08/12/2016

Marquis Broadcast, experts in content workflows and media integration software, specialise in moving media and metadata.  Marquis has today announced the development of a complete media management and archive solution for Avid users through the integration between Project Parking, its Avid storage management solution, and Spectra Logics BlackPearl® Deep Storage Gateway.  The enhancement now allows retrieval of bins and media from a project in a permanent deep archive, enabling rapid business continuity. 

Tags: Marquis ,Avid ,Spectra Logic
Submitted by Grapevine PR
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