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BP-U60 BP-U60 - No image

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BP-U60 BP-U60

BP-U60 BP-U60

Price: £211.50
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: New
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Date Expires: 01/03/2011
Item ID: 120767

BP-U60 BP-U60

BP-U60 BP-U60


Sony BP-U60 (BPU60) High capacity 14.4v / 3.8Ah Li-Ion battery pack for XDCAM EX camcorder PMW-EX1

The BP-U60 (56 Wh) Lithium-ion Battery effectively supports professional video shooting in both the field and the studio. The battery is equipped with the professional INFO function that intelligently communicates battery status data to the PMW-EX1 camcorder.

The remaining capacity of the battery is displayed on the LCD monitor and viewfinder when the camcorder is powered on. This intelligent battery-management function allows operators to monitor the battery status easily and accurately.

*The BP-U60 battery is only compatible with the PMW-EX1 camcorder.


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