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NP-F970 NP-F970 - No image

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NP-F970 NP-F970

NP-F970 NP-F970

Price: £111.63
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: New
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Date Expires: 01/03/2011
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NP-F970 NP-F970

NP-F970 NP-F970


This battery provides the longest running time of all L series batteries, with approximately 4-5 hours operation on an HVR-Z1E or up to 7 hours on a DSR-PD170P.

Incorporates Sony InfoLithium technology which enables compatible camcorders to accurately report the charge remaining.

High power

6600mAh / 47.5Wh / 7.2V

Super stamina life

Lithium ION delivers up to 12 hours of use (720 minutes)

Camera compatibility:

  • HVR-Z1 (HVR-Z1E)
  • HDR-FX1 (HVR-FX1E)
  • DSR-PD150
  • DSR-PD170
  • Also compatible with the HVL-20DW2 video light


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