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PAG SuperPack

PAG SuperPack

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Location: United Kingdom
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Date Expires: 01/03/2011
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PAG SuperPack

PAG SuperPack

PAG rechargeable battery and lighting products are used on a wide range of portable equipment in the professional broadcast, film and video industries. These include cameras, recorders, lights and picture monitors. See: PAG portable power, PAG portable location lighting. PAGs proprietary two-part PAGlok connectivity system, has been accepted as one of the industry standards for portable power. PAG offer Ni-Cd, Cobalt, Ni-MH Li-Ion, and Zero-Lithium chemistries of battery with the PAGlok connector.

With this wide range, PAG PAGlok batteries can be used to fit customers specific weight, capacity, life and budgetary parameters, as well as compatibility with existing equipment and future operational development. PAGs microprocessor-controlled chargers service the full range of batteries.

PAGlok batteries can also be adapted to the alternative standards for inter-operability of legacy equipment. Alternatives include Snap-On(Anton Bauer), NP1 and V-mount (Sony) systems, plus 2.1mm (PP90) co-axial DC connector and XLR-4 (professional camcorders) connectors. PAG also provide a range of direct replacement batteries and chargers for those standards.


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