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CINETECH DARIO DOLLY (used_2) - Image #1



Price: €22,000.00
Location: Italy
Condition: Used
Viewed: 77 times
Date Expires: 06/06/2017
Item ID: 180278




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TNDV Provides Turnkey Production Services for Dolly Partons Smoky Mountains Rise Telethon Posted: 24/01/2017

Nashville-based mobile production specialist TNDV recently gave back to its community on a project that hit close to home, delivering turnkey production services for country music superstar Dolly Partons Smoky Mountains Rise telethon to aid families affected by the Great Smoky Mountain wildfires that began in late November. Working within an extraordinarily short timeline, TNDV provided production and uplink trucks, equipment, crews and expertise while managing all key video, audio and lighting elements for the live television event. 

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Polecam Systems keeps on innovating Autopod and other new products at IBC 2016 Posted: 18/08/2016

Polecam Systems will show the latest Polecam rigs and new innovations and products, including the global launch of Autopod, a remotely operated programmable elevation unit for rigs, remote heads and cameras. This new production model features a new lightweight base and a custom foam flight case and other enhancements.

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KFX Technology takes its Aurora Remote Head and new products to Cinegear with high end KFX-Ronford Baker Motorized Slider and KFX-MYT new products Velvet Remote Head and Constellation Skater Dolly Posted: 23/05/2016

KFX Technology will show their new high-end product, the KFX-Ronford Baker Motorized Slider at Cinegear Expo 2016 on booth #60C. KFX Technology was chosen by Ronford Baker to collaborate on motorizing their well known sliders after impressing them with the high quality engineering of the KFX Aurora Remote Head. The Aurora Remote Head is precision engineered, easy and intuitive to use, with more than enough power for the most demanding applications, and already has an established success and reputation in the movie industry worldwide. Recent productions include Mission Impossible 5, Spectre, Star Wars the Force Awakens, Insurgent, Daddy's Home and Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones and Victor Frankenstein.

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KFX Technology collaborates with MYT Works to debut three new products at NAB 2016 Posted: 06/04/2016

KFX CEO Stephen Scammell said KFX Technology  is located in New York but I started in London, designing and building portable motion control equipment that would function reliably in the extreme conditions encountered in BBCs Frozen Planet series. In 2012 I moved my base to New York and subsequently designed the Aurora Remote Head, which has been very successful and has been used in some of Hollywoods blockbuster movies.

Tags: KFX Technology ,MYT Works ,KFX ,MYT ,NAB ,NAB 2016 ,Aurora Head ,GlideLine slider ,Velvet Remote Head ,Stephen Scammell ,Frozen Planet ,Etienne Sauret ,Constellation skater dolly
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Mo-Sys will focus on robotics in 2016, launching the new ViaRail dolly at NAB Posted: 01/04/2016

Bringing robotics expertise directly from the set of Gravity, Mo-Sys Engineering will showcase a range of robotic camera systems at NAB 2016.

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The latest Flyka electric tracking vehicle arrives smooth, silent and slim, built around Steadicam and the focus-puller Posted: 21/05/2015

Flyka Ltd has officially launched its tenth Flyka electric tracking vehicle for the film and television industries. Designed by Tony Holker, the Flyka is the culmination of several years of R&D and live trials.

Tags: Flyka ,electric tracking vehicle ,Steadicam ,Tony Holker ,electric dolly ,Alf Tramontin ,Roger Tooley ,Klassen mount ,MoVI ,David Crute
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Egripment Support Systems Unveils the New 225 G-Track Generic Track System at NAB 2015 Posted: 15/04/2015

Egripment Support Systems, manufacturer of high-end camera support systems and remote broadcast solutions for the film and broadcast industries, is introducing the new intelligent 225 G-Track Generic Track System at the 2015 NAB Show (Booth C8612). Featuring leading innovations that are paramount for live applications as well as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) studios, the G-Track is a multi-faceted system that will greatly benefit a variety of productions. 

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Submitted by D. Pagan Communications
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Sony technology brings the canonization of Blessed John XXIII and John Paul II in 4K Posted: 31/03/2014

The ceremony to mark the canonization of Blessed John XXIII and John Paul II will take place on 27 April in St Peter's Square, Vatican City, and will be broadcast in 4K Ultra HD using Sony PMW-F55 cameras in a studio set-up. The occasion presents a new and important opportunity to put the revolutionary characteristics of 4K to the test, not only in terms of production but also in terms of enriching the quality of archived content. The event will be produced by the Vatican Television Centre (CTV) in partnership with Sony and Sky Italia, and with technological support from DBW Communication and Eutelsat. The event will be broadcast live in 4K at the Paul VI Audience Hall in the Vatican. Thanks to our partner, Prevost Srl, there will also be a live 3D broadcast of the event in Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII, the birthplace of Pope John XXIII, using a Sony SRX-R515P projector. As a result of collaboration between Sony, Sky Italia and Eutelsat, spectators will be able to experience the moment in 3D and feel as if they were in St Peter's Square.

Tags: Sony ,F55 ,Vatican ,CTV ,Sky Italia ,Eutelsat ,DBW Communication ,Prevost Srl ,MVS-8000 ,X330 ,PWS-4400 ,SRX-R515 ,Dario E. Vigano ,David Bush ,Stefano Rebechi ,Renato Farina
Submitted by Sony
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Senna launches Lightstation and brings its innovative products to BVE London Posted: 14/01/2014

Senna Innovation Factory will exhibit at BVE London for the first time showing their innovative DSLR and movie equipment, and will be launching a new product, Lightstation, at the show.

Senad Galijaevi, founder and CEO of Senna Ltd, said I am very proud to launch our Lightstation product at BVE London. It gives us an opportunity to show the UK broadcast and movie industries and the videography sector that Senna is a source of creative, innovative and well thought out products that are very well engineered, and yet come at a fair price. I invite you to come and see Lightstation and other exciting products like our Auto Dolly - the only camera dolly in the world that allows the operator sitting on the dolly to control the camera and move the dolly at the same time. We will also show the All Recall Focus Duo and the Five Second Head. These and more will be at the show, and I will be there to demonstrate them.

Tags: Senna ,innovation ,innovative ,Lightstation ,total recall ,Auto Dolly ,BVE ,BVE London ,new product ,new product at BVE ,ExCel ,Senad Galijaevi ,fair price ,All Recall Focus Duo ,Five Second Head ,wireless LED light system ,LED panels ,Croatia ,DSLR products ,BVE 2014 ,BVE 2014
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TCS Skquattro camera pedestals chosen for Royal Shakespeare Company live telecast of Richard II Posted: 27/11/2013
Skquattro tracking camera support systems from The Camera Store (TCS), a Vitec Group company, captured the Royal Shakespeare Company's highly acclaimed production of Richard II in Stratford-on-Avon on November 13. The play was televised live to 346 cinemas across Britain and will be relayed as encore screenings to cinemas around the world. RSC artistic director Gregory Doran directed David Tennant in the title role with Jane Lapotaire as the Duchess of Gloucester, Emma Hamilton as The Queen, Oliver Ford Davies as the Duke of York, Michael Pennington as John of Gaunt and Nigel Lindsay as Bolingbroke.

Tags: The Camera Store ,broadcast equipment rental ,camera pedestals ,Skquattro ,camera tripods ,camera heads ,camera crane arms ,litepanels ,fibre ,camera tracking systems ,camera dollies
Submitted by Stylus Media Consultants
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Making an advert with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera
Brandon Kahn When Mothers Basement came to us with an advert to put on UK cinema screens, I knew my trusty, but basic, XF 305 wasnt going to cut it. Sure, most ads you see in cinema are projected in regular HD and are often shot no higher than 1080, but I felt we needed some extra size.
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