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20x SONY UVW-1800P  - No image

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20x SONY UVW-1800P

PAL betacam SP recorders with 9pin remote also

Price: £300.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 2097 times
Date Expires: 12/04/2011
Item ID: 118314

PAL betacam SP recorders with 9pin remote also

20x SONY UVW-1800P

NOTE  for more info and picture (high resolution pictures,  goto our website for more details and other items also for sale

We have asking price on these but may consider offers close to this.

Are available now from the UK.   VAT to be added for UK sales and EU sales if buyer does not have VAT number

WE have upto 20x of these VTRS available, all been serviced quickly, rollers checked, lubricated where needed, internal motors torque adjusted etc etc and all run for 5 hours recording and playback for composite, component and all audio etc

UVW1800p is perfect edit recorder for edit suites or for OBvans where you need beta SP recordings or in studios.

Fanless design so VTR is silent when powered up.

4RU high only

can accept small and large betacam SP tapes

composite and component inputs and outputs aswell and s-video also of course

audio is 2 channels

most importantly the UVW1800P model has the 9pin remote port at the back so can be controlled remotely with the standard sony 9pin rs422 cable to connect to editors, DVE editors, vtr controllers, mixers etc

all available now

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