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3x complete BTS grass valley VENUS - No image

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3x complete BTS grass valley VENUS

multi format matrix with 64x64 SDI, 32x32 composite and 64x64 AES audio plus 9x XY CP3000 panels

Price: £600.00
Location: United Kingdom
Condition: Used
Viewed: 2661 times
Date Expires: 12/04/2011
Item ID: 118316

multi format matrix with 64x64 SDI, 32x32 composite and 64x64 AES audio plus 9x XY CP3000 panels

3x complete BTS grass valley VENUS

GOTO for more details and high resolution photos and option to buy online thorugh our website (Credit cards etc accepted also)

We have asking price on these but may consider offers close to this.

Are available now from the UK.   VAT to be added for UK sales and EU sales if buyer does not have VAT number

NOTE we may split these up if you only need some of the setup

There are 3 large matrix frames plus 9 control panels,1x Jupiter rack and 2 machine interface units.The matrixs are fitted with the following:-

Frame 1:-

RF-400 Venus Frame

2x Ps-400C Power supply units

32x32 SDI Video(32x bnc sdi inputs/32x sdi bnc outputs   (Card models:- 2x SD-401A,2x DS-410+Mon out)

32x16 SDI video (32x sdi bnc inputs/16 sdi bnc outputs (wired for 32x32)  (Card models:- 2x SD-401A,1x DS-410+Mon out)

32x32 or 64x64 AES/ ebu Digital Audio  (Card Modals:- 2x ES-400,2x ES-410,    2x EC-400 Loader cards.)

32x32 Analog Composite Video  (Card Models:-2x VS-400,2x Vo410)


Frame 2:-

RF-400 Venus Frame

2x PS-400c Power supplies

32x16 SDI VIDEO  (Card modals:-2x DS401A,    1xDS-410+Mon out)   (wired for 32x32)

16x16 SDI Video  (Wired for 32x32)   Card modals:-1x DS401A,   1xDS-410+Mon out)   (wired for 32x32)

64x64  AES/ ebu  digital Audio  (Card models  2x ES-400,2x E-S410 )

32x32 AES /ebu Digital Audio   (Card models  2x ES-400,2x E-S410 )

Frame 3:-

RF-400 Venus Frame

2x PS-400C Power supplies

Card models:- 2x EO-410,EL400 loader,1x ES-400,2x EO-410

9x   XY panels      MODEL    CP-3000 with CP-3010expansion added.    .2ru rackmount.

1x Jupiter Plus VM-3000.

2x Machine interface racks.


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