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Freeway Freeway

Freeway Freeway

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Freeway Freeway

Freeway Freeway


Combining groundbreaking performance with the ultimate in flexibility, Freeway offers the widest range of solutions for small to medium scale routing requirements. The combination of two frame options, a highly modular switching card architecture and an extensive integrated control system enables Freeway to be tailored for applications in the broadcast, transmission, post production and outside broadcast environments. The Freeway family is based around two frame sizes, a switching modularity of 16 channels and is available in 3RU and 6RU frames, dependant upon the maximum size that the system is planned to grow to.

Freeway 64
Enables a maximum configuration of 64x64 per level, using four modules. In the 3U frame one 64x64 level can therefore be assembled, and in the 6U frame two levels. All signal formats are available in this series.

Freeway 128
Freeway 128 is available for stereo analog audio and AES/EBU digital audio permitting systems up to 128x128 to be assembled, using 8 modules in the 6U frame. Freeway 128 Timecode and RS422 variants permit system up to 128x128 and 128 ports, respectively, to be assembled within the 3U frame using 4 modules each providing 32 channels. For analog video, a range of 16 channel splitters and combiners is available, allowing four 64x64 levels to be interconnected to provide a 128x128 router.

Freeway (91,48 KB)
Freeway_Other_Formats (88,01 KB)
Freeway_Audio (90,81 KB)
Freeway_Analog_Video (86,17 KB)


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