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Kahuna 360

Kahuna 360

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Kahuna 360

Kahuna 360

Kahuna 360 is the brand new addition to the Kahuna Family of Video Production Switchers. Kahuna 360 brings major new functionality and flexibility to meet the most demanding production requirements. Kahuna 360 breaks the tradition of fixed M/Es, fixed resources and fixed formats, and supports many simultaneous productions that would require multiple switchers.

Powered by Snell innovation, Kahuna 360 has an unmatched feature set that has never been possible until now and offers a completely scalable path to all functionality and format requirements. Up to 6 Full Mix Effects with 7 Keyers per M/E Kahuna 360 is the ultimate production switcher. Employing Make M/ETM Technology enables up 16 independent sub level switchers.

As Kahuna 360 is part of the popular Kahuna family it takes advantage of the array of control surfaces that Technical Directors are immediately comfortable on.

Another huge first, Kahuna 360 gives the ability to mix  HD, SD and even single link 1080p sources in to a single production and provide multiple outputs of SD, HD and 1080p.  Unique to Snell FormatFusion3 is available everywhere to give what is desired.

Whether live studio based production, large sports production, fast paced news, mobile or multi-screen production, Kahuna 360 is designed to meet the demand.


  • Digital production switcher SD, HD 1080p switchable

  • 1080p single link

  • Simultaneous SD/HD/1080p with FormatFusion3

  • 3D stereoscopic

  • 120 inputs

  • 64 fully assignable outputs

  • 1 M/E to 6 M/Es with Make M/ETM technology

  • 7 keyers per M/E

  • 3D DVE effects with linear and non linear effects

  • Fluid effects, unique to Kahuna

  • 16 outputs of on board still/clips store

  • CliptraxTM audio effects

  • Transitional animated transitions and moves

  • On board *clips store holding up to 71200 frames

  • Format Fusion3 for all inputs and outputs

  • Large number of external device



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