Are you out on the range
N/A The main parameters to worry about in any stereoscopic scene are the most negative and positive disparity values. These numbers are usually expressed in percentage terms rather than in actual screen pixels. The distance between the numbers is the depth range. The depth budget is the maximum value this range can be allowed without being too uncomfortable for the viewer.
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Dont lose the 3D plot
N/A As was mentioned in the sixth article of this series, depth budget is the single most important parameter in stereoscopic 3D TV. As well as observing the practical and desirable limits to which the depth parameters can be pushed, making a good 3D production required careful management of depth dynamics.
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Does 2D to 3D really work?
Bob Pank# It is widely said that 3D has to be done well as, if its not, then it actually can hurt the viewer and give 3D a bad name. Certainly there have been big efforts to make good 3D, with Sky going to great lengths to ensure they set a high standard. Unlike the old 3D celluloid films, digital 3D can be a completely stable medium; it does not degrade with repeated showings and does have the tools available to make excellent results.
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3D diaries -Fix it in post. Dont go there
Bob Pank# The more I look into it the more scary 3D is. Researching for 3D Diaries shows there are so many pitfalls and traps that would be all too easy to fall into; enough to put people off the whole idea! The answer is simply to learn about the subject before seriously jumping in with both feet. Clearly it adds a whole new layer to all parts of the scene-to-screen chain. In each link there are traps to avoid, and avoid them you must, because getting it wrong produces unwatchable results.
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