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Issue 80 - August 2013

The last year of university, and the last year of my life, have been the hardest Ive ever experienced¦so far.

This year has boiled my blood, and my peers, and Im glad to say Im now out of that particular blood feud.

I was fortunate enough to be struck with some good grace in the last few weeks of the degree. The documentary I have mentioned before about the Rower, Charlie Martell ( went on to win an award at the university degree show awards. That may not seem much on a grand scale of TV & Film, but it felt like a stepping stone for me as I went up on to the stage to collect my first ever award. If it takes your interest you can now watch the documentary at

Since graduating, Ive continued with the odd freelance job here and there, making promos for dog shows in Hyde Park, for train companies in Belgium, and catwalks for Graduate Fashion Week, eventually working my way onto a pilot episode of a drama, where I was acting 2nd AC/ Clapper Loader on a 2 camera ARRI ALEXA shoot. Never have I known such business (in the sense of being busy) as this.

I shant speculate about what the future holds but I like to think its fruitful and involves working with cameras and in crews. To round up my time at university, Ill continue to time-lapse, hopefully investing in some kind of motion control rig, and Ill continue to write and shoot short films and documentaries.

So it's the end of an incredible journey full of excitement, hard work, tears, failures and successes, but I finally did it I graduated with a 2:1!

The highlights for me at Ravensbourne come with the clichs of meeting some amazing people and making great friends. I think the most positive thing I found along the journey is finding my strength in directing and really beginning to excel forward with it. My confidence has grown over time and I really hope to have a future in it.

There have been many benefits of going to Ravensbourne, as well as the great personal journey I have experienced. The contacts and work opportunities that I have been lucky enough to have are truly memorable. The Olympic Broadcasting Service were recruiting Ravensbourne students and I feel so lucky to have been a part of such an iconic moment in history working on the sailing events in Weymouth. I have the added pride of knowing that the coverage for the sailing won the IOC Golden Ring award for the best Host Broadcast Production for the 2012 games.

It's only now that I've graduated that the hard work truly starts. I managed to get a job as part of the Service Crew for Translux who provide facilities trucks for feature films. I'm very happy to say that I'm finally going to be going onto big film sets and beginning to experience the film industry. In between work with Translux I'm hoping to be working as a runner or production assistant on features and begin slowly climbing my way up the industry ladder.

Keeping my production cap on for me is also important, I hope to be working on another production when I settle down into work. I intend to stay in contact with the crew I have met, and begin writing something that will be challenging and fulfilling.

Here's to the future!

My name is Ruth Matos, I have just finished BA Hons in Production degree at Ravensbourne University. The past three years at university was filled with high and low moments. My first day was full of excitement and anxiety. It is very surreal to think three years have passed since then.

I met a lot of interesting people and made a few good friends. Looking back now I realise how much I learned, how much I worked and how many different projects I was involved in. Overall my three years at Ravensbourne were great, however I enjoyed the first two years much more. I think the final year requires improvement regarding the course content. I should not fail to add that part of my satisfaction in the first two years was due to having a great course leader Dr. Freddie Gaffney. Freddie I salute you from here and once again wish to express my greatest gratitude for your endless efforts towards myself and other students.

Another two people that I wish to thank is my partner Amir Rezazadeh who was a constant source of inspiration to me and my lovely sister Helga Matos who helped and supported me through out my studies. Here I am ready for a new chapter in my life, I hope with hard work and dedication I can succeed in my future career. I would also like to thank tv-bay magazine for giving me this opportunity to share my experience with their readers. I hope I could inspire people to go through education as I feel it is extremely important. You can find my story in issues 70, 73, 76 and 79.

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