Fixing that inhospitable location shoot
Harry Amies If you want to make a film in Iran, or out-source- HarryAmir can help
Tags: iss088 | HarryAmir | International fixers | Iran | Harry Amies
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Will Ingram This month Will talks about student life...
Tags: iss088 | #TVFutures | Education | Will Ingram
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Ask the experts: Life behind the rate card
Mike Ransome Choosing a rental company
Tags: iss088 | Presteigne | renting broadcast equipment | Mike Ransome
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Premier league infrastructure
Alan Green It is now common practice to cable major sports venues for broadcast operations.
Tags: iss088 | TTL Video | Argosy Cable | Premier League | Alan Green
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A splunking in the thames
Andrew Morris Follow Andrew Morris as he kayaks for autism
Tags: iss088 | Splunk | kayak4autism | Autism | Andrew Morris
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Packing a real punch for Bangshock
John Milkovich Vancouver-based media company Bangshock recently took their Ninja 2 on a shoot to capture the Thailand Superfight Thepprasit Pattaya.
Tags: iss088 | Bangshock | Ninja 2 | Atomos | Jamie Milkovich | John Milkovich
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From the edge of nowhere to the centre of everywhere
Joe Fulford Getting your images back to a studio for broadcast can be done in many ways.
Tags: iss088 | TNP | miniCASTER | Joe Fulford
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When the going gets tough
Will Strauss# Will Strauss looks at kit for when the going gets tough
Tags: iss088 | Panasonic AP-HPX250 | P2 cards | Panasonic Toughbooks | CES | Toughpad 4k UT-MA6 | Intel Core i7 vPro | NVIDIA Quadro GPU | NAB | DuraPAC | ACME Protable Machines | Intel Core i7-4770k Haswell 3.5GHz Quad-Core | GeForce GTX 760 | G-RAID | RAID 0 | RAID 1 | Sony SSD | Sony HDD | PSZ-SA25 SSD | PSZ-HA50 | PSZ-HA1T HDD | USB 3.0 | Pretrol Digibag PD221 | Petrol DSLR Sling Bag | PD333 | Portabrace | Peli U160 | Peli 1510 | K-Tek Sound Devises 633 | Zaxcom MAXX | Zoom ZH-6 | Transvideo | StarliteHD | £G-SDI HD OLED | Will Strauss#
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From the frontline to the finish line
Paul Sargeant# Its a race to capture the action for the Procam team at the Dakar Rally
Tags: iss088 | Procam | Dakar Rally | Gaucho Productions | Paul Sargeant#
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Shooting in secret
Kieron Seth# Now showing on Channel 4 is Endemols new and highly popular Secret Eaters series. Based round a fixed rig production, the series uses newly developed mobile fixed rig technology and incorporates a number of recently introduced technical innovations, vital for fast turn-around TV.
Tags: iss088 | Secret eaters | Minicams | Panasonic | fixed rig | Kieron Seth#
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Filming from the edge
Christoph Steuer Extreme sport and extreme situations for both equipment and the operator
Tags: iss088 | Polecam | Red Bull cliff diving | Christoph Steuer
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Centralised tapeless workflow at BT sport studios
Steve Montgomery Steve Montgomery investigates the highly flexible and effective tapeless workflow within BT Sports new broadcast complex.
Tags: iss088 | BT sport | tapeless workflow | Steve Montgomery
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Return to original programming for channel 5
KitPlus Suspects, which is Channel 5s first original drama in several years, takes a different approach seldom used in the drama genre.
Tags: iss088 | Blackmagic | Channel 5 | Suspects | KitPlus
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Be bold be brave but get the basics right
[author] Peter Savage talks finance
Tags: iss088 | Azule | Finance | [author]
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Get the 8k WOW factor at NAB
Bob Pank# Bob Pank looks to 8k for the wow factor at NAB
Tags: iss088 | 8k | NAB | 4k | Bob Pank#
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Whats in a name
Dick Hobbs. Dick Hobbs broods over branding
Tags: iss088 | dick hobbs | Dick Hobbs.
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LED lighting comes of age
Chris Chisnall Lighting is paramount to any production, whether its for an independent short or for a multi-million pound Soap
Tags: iss088 | Rotolight | ANOVA | Coronation Street | LED | Chris Chisnall
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