Disaster Recovery the broadcast emergancy service
Lee Sheppard Weve all heard the phrase Disaster Recovery (DR), but what does it actually mean for broadcasters and content owners, and what constitutes a disaster? By Paul Moran and Lee Sheppard, SGL
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Simplifying On Site Workflows
Greg LaPorte On and off-set highend post-production demands a new level in processing capability, storage speed, and general computing horsepower to handle the ever increasing standards for digital workflow. Utilizing PCI Express® (PCIe) performance and 20Gbps of throughput, Thunderbolt 2 technology offers the fastest way to transfer data between Thunderbolt equipped peripherals such as high-speed storage devices, video capture cards, and desktop or notebook computers.
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Information Control and Automation but not as you know it
Sandra Squire

Accurate clocks, timing and cue information are essential components of any broadcasting environment – directors, production teams and presenters have always depended on them for the delivery of broadcast critical operations.

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Proprietary vs. off the shelf hardware for OTT video delivery
Nivedita Nouval

What is the main equipment at stake in an OTT video delivery system?

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Powerful New Levels of Discovery
Drew Lanham For media creators, owners, and distributors, the amount of digital media in their libraries never stops growing as they continue to add new content every day. Those who dont organize and manage their data well are not getting the maximum value out of their archive. Thats why they need easy, accurate, and cost-effective tools to discover, repurpose, and monetize their media.
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Changing expectations
Dick Hobbs. Dick Hobbs talks about future expectaions
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Transforming Content and Caputure Distribution
Russell Wise Within the broadcast industry, ongoing financial pressures have driven continued consolidation of operations, centralization of staff, and efforts to increase efficiency through smarter use of current and forward-looking media-focused technologies.
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Rotolight ANOVA from the eyes of a DoP
Alasdair McBroom Belfast based Photographer and DoP, Alasdair McBroom talks about his experience of the Rotolight ANOVA V2
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Atomos Samurai Blade and Connect Converter TSG
Kevin Owen

The first high-definition HD-SDI test set that fits in your hand and is gentle on batteries

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Teletest Telesend HD LCD receiver Review
Jon Boast It was towards the middle of last year that I reviewed my Teradek Bolt HD wireless system for TV Bay magazine. I commented then, that monitors are about the one thing that cameramen use day in day out, wireless ones particularly. Even these days you change your camera from day to day, one day you may be out shooting on an XDCAM, then a C300 or an Alexa. Invariably though as an owner operator your monitoring systems stay the same for those shoots.
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The Importance of Storage
Nino Leitner For content creators, our profession is our livelihood. Any production relies on a host of technologies, all of which must provide quality outputs and perform at an optimum level, and the same demands should be made of storage devices.
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Back to Basics with Media Transformation
Craig Newbury Understanding transcoding and its successor: media transformation
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Giving Content Distributors an Edge in Quality and Compliance
Adam Schadle Todays media and entertainment ecosystem relies on interconnections between content originators, who produce programming and deliver it over broadcast networks (including terrestrial, satellite, cable, and IPTV), and secondary content distributors who take that programming and deliver it to the end viewer.
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Light in the rain
Spencer Doran Following on from the success of their unique 4LIGHT & 4LONG series, European LED lighting pioneer THELIGHT has launched their new super-soft and rainproof VELVET light range.
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Box to Box
Will Strauss# Will Strauss gets ready for kick off
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Skillset Accreditation
Nick Way ITTP's Nick Way looks at Skillset accreditation
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Ask the Experts
Matthew Rehrer Storage and Archive
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The Evolution of TV to the Bus Train and Park Bench
John Mills A digital revolution Since the not-quite-fully-electric late nineteenth century, television has been evolving.
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RTS Thames Valley NAB 2014 Review
Simon Tillyer This annual get together features a panel of guests, chaired by Dick Hobbs discussing their experiences and thoughts of NAB.
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The 24 Hour Universtity Television Broadcast Challenge
Charlie Watts Charlie Watts perpares for the University of Portsmouth's 24 hour TV broadcast challenge
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Joe Watson This month, Joe talks about student life...
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