The Benefits of LED Lighting in Broadcast
Rod Aaron Gammons The humble LED studio light has come a long way since its introduction. In the early days adoption was low, while scepticism that the quality and functionality of LEDs could rival traditional tungsten lighting was high. There has been a period of adjustment, challenges (particularly around light quality and manufacturing) overcome and the broadcast, media and entertainment industry has gradually grown more accepting of the technology and its benefits.
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MTV3 uses sports-specific framework to build interactive ice hockey portal
Henriette Saether MTV3s goal was to create a completely new, interactive player for live ice hockey, which viewers would access via Katsomo. Anyone could subscribe to the ice hockey package, giving them access to a portal throughout the ice hockey season that housed an array of interactive services.
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Multiviewers come along for the ride with Matrox
Catherine Overbury JMTV is a full-service location video production company located in Arkansas, which serves a wide range of national sports, corporate, and entertainment clients. Recently they completed a $3 million conversion of their 15.5 meter digital expanding production trailer to HD.
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tv-bay Questions
N/A An interview with Anthony Bairstow Senior Video Editor at MTV and Editor of Two and Two, BAFTA nominated short.
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Top ten from a top gun
N/A Another IBC has come and gone. I peaked early: for me the highlight came before we even set out for Amsterdam when, as I wrote here last month, I met Sir David Attenborough, winner of the International Honour for Excellence.
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Production Profile with Polecam
N/A What brings an innocent young Swede into the competitive high-adrenalin business of television production? In my case, it all began at school. I developed an early fascination for photography and created slide shows that were presented as end-of-semester happenings to my fellow students. Unlike television, you can actually watch a live slide-show audience. My productions were received with appreciation.
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