The best job of the year so far!
N/A I was incredibly fortunate and excited to be involved in the stream of the release of the new Call of Duty game, MW3, for the second year running.
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How a live streaming launch comes together....
N/A Well its that time of year again. CALL of DUTY Launch. Thats right its been a whole year since I wrote about the successful launch of Call of Duty Black Ops, and now we have the new Call of Duty MW3 launch.
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Launching Call of Duty Black Ops
N/A So, how do you get the feed from 8 full HD camera's, games console screen captures, and a remote camera feed from 6 miles away to over 180,000 live game junkies all waiting to see the release of what is likely to be the worlds fastest selling and most anticipated Console/PC Game to date?
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